Spanish natural ingredients company Alvinesa Natural Ingredients has acquired Chile-based Vínicas and Argentina-based Dervinsa, which specialise in grape by-product valorisation.

Dervinsa has more than 80 years of experience in processing raw materials from the winemaking process into bioproducts.

Established in 1965 in Chile, Vinicas transforms grape skins into ingredients and products such as tartaric acid, cream of tartar and refined grapeseed oil.

Alvinesa said that the acquisition strengthens its presence in grape seed oil, tartaric acid, and cream of tartar, along with biofuels, functional foods, dietary supplements, grape tannins and polyphenols, functional additives for animal feed and both food-grade and industrial alcohols.

The transaction would boost the company’s access to raw materials in the southern hemisphere, reduce price fluctuations for clients and ensure product availability around the year. 

Alvinesa CEO Jon Fernandez de Barrena said: “This operation aligns with Alvinesa’s strategy to remain a benchmark in upcycling, transforming natural waste into higher-quality products with greater ecological and economic value, and to continuously improve our offerings to clients.”

Alvinesa is focused on the valorisation of grape and olive derivatives and processing agricultural products into valuable natural ingredients.

Last year, Alvinesa made a €100m turnover and is expecting more than €150m revenue after the consolidation of Vinicas and Dervinsa.

The company is planning to expand its production capacity by acquiring three additional centres, which will add to its two current facilities operating in Spain.

It also aims to strengthen its commercial presence in the Americas, particularly in the US.

Furthermore, Alvinesa’s acquisition in the grape-derived ingredients industry is expected to support its commitment to the circular economy.