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BDI-BioLife Science is a specialist in the development of innovative technologies for the production of high-quality algae materials for the life sciences industry.

Located in Hartberg, Austria the company produces natural astaxanthin for cosmetics, food supplements and pharmaceuticals and with its experience, they guarantee year-round production, reliable delivery due to constant cultivation, strictest hygienic standards and highest product quality.

Benchmark production

BDI-BioLife Science uses its specially developed state-of-the-art cultivation processes in order to meet the specific requirements of its business partners and clients.

During the process, the algae strains are transferred to constantly larger containers and are ideally supplied with nutrients and light. In order to fulfil the strictest requirements in terms of hygiene and quality, a fully automated process control system (PCS) operates, monitors and documents all production steps.

This ensures the traceability of each individual batch. Further, a barcode-based data capture fulfills all basic requirements for traceability necessary in the cosmetics, dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries. This guarantees that the production at BDI-BioLife Science fully complies with all EU directives.

Micro alga – mega effect

In order to be able to respond ideally to customer requirements, BDI-BioLife Science markets its astaxanthin under two registered brands – AstaFit® and AstasCos® – as well as in a variety of products.

AstaFit: Astaxanthin as a dietary supplement

Whether as a capsule, powder or water-soluble granulate for drinks, for various frame formulations we offer AstaFit as dried and disintegrated biomass, CO2-extracted oleoresin and water-soluble granules.

  • AstaFit PW50: natural biomass with an astaxanthin content of minimum 5% or more
  • AstaFit OL50 | OL100: increased stability of astaxanthin as 5% or 10% oleoresin
  • AstaFit CWD25: granules with 2.5% astaxanthin content
  • AstaFit® on demand: tailor-made according to our clients specifications in terms of astaxanthin content, carrier oil etc.

With its antioxidant properties, AstaFit acts to efficiently protect human cells and membranes. Positive effects of astaxanthin have been proven, for example, in the prevention of UV damage to the skin, the regeneration of skeletal muscles after training and the treatment of inflammatory diseases, elevated blood sugar levels and high blood pressure.

AstaCos: Cosmos-certified astaxanthin for cosmetics

Comprised of certified organic jojoba oil and astaxanthin, AstaCos was specially developed for use in cosmetic formulations. The jojoba oil encloses the astaxanthin like a protective shell, ensuring high stability of the active ingredient – a prerequisite for high-quality cosmetic products. In 2018, AstaCos OL50 was awarded the "Cosmos Approval", making it the first astaxanthin-containing raw material worldwide to be officially approved for organic and natural cosmetics.

  • AstaCos OL50: increased stability of astaxanthin as 5% oleoresin
  • AstaCos on demand: tailor-made according to our clients specifications in terms of astaxanthin content, carrier oil etc.

More than ten years of experience in algae research – and we keep moving on

As early as 2008, the company began cultivating algae strains in order to develop a new source of raw materials for renewable energies. Results showed that although the project was technically feasible, it was not economically viable at that time. In 2012, focus was placed on a very special microalgae, Haematococcus pluvialis and with the development of a seasonally independent cultivation process, the course was set to begin producing algae materials. When the industrial production plant was opened, full focus was set in the direction of astaxanthin production.

“We ourselves are our strictest critics” – Kurt Ternegg, managing director

In order to meet the high demands placed on its own products and to exceed customer expectations, the Austrian company is committed to benchmark technologies, sustainability in production and continuous development for and in cooperation with our clients and partners.

Contact us to find out more about BDI-BioLife Science.

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Dried algae biomass. Image credit: Helmut Pierer
Cultivation step phytobags. Image credit: Helmut Pierer
Algae culture on nutrient medium. Image credit: Helmut Pierer
Astaxanthin in different forms. Image credit: Helmut Pierer
Cultivation step. Image credit: Helmut Pierer
Oleoresin. Image credit: Helmut Pierer
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