USA-based Wiley Companies manufactures a full range of MSC-certified AlaskOmega omega-3 concentrates and natural fish oils from their family owned and operated certified GMP facility in Ohio. Staying with their mission of developing innovative products that make the world’s population healthier, the brand recently launched a high-potency omega-3 concentrate powder. Celebrating its 40th year is business, Wiley Companies is both ISO 9001:2015 and FSSC 22000 registered for certification.

A traceable and sustainable source

Recognized globally as the ‘leader in freshness’, AlaskOmega omega-3 concentrates are made from wild-caught Alaska Pollock from the cold, pure waters of the Bearing Sea. Together with its fishing partners, the company is an integral part of a certified sustainable and traceable seafood-processing value chain using single-species wild Alaskan pollock, striving for full use of this valuable resource.

AlaskOmega enjoys a direct, transparent supply chain, making full traceability possible. Alaskan pollock is caught and quickly processed on board for human consumption, with the oil removed to ensure maximum oil quality and freshness. This ‘crude’ fish oil is then placed into air-tight totes, shipped by boat to Washington State, then onto Ohio via railcar.

Gold standard: MSC certification

All AlaskOmega omega-3 concentrates and fish oils are certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), considered by most as the gold standard for sustainability certification. The MSC programme was developed in consultation with the fishing industry, scientists and conservation groups. The AlaskOmega brand proudly promotes its sustainability through the use and display of the MSC ecolabel.

The market leader in freshness

Omega-3 concentrate oils are extremely sensitive to oxygen, heat and light. The total oxidation (TOTOX) parameter for fish oil indicates the amount of oxidation that has taken place and is a proxy for oil freshness. Fresh oil translates to better product stability, longer shelf life and optimal sensory characteristics.

To better reflect its market-leading position for oil freshness, Wiley Companies has reduced the maximum TOTOX limit for all of its AlaskOmega omega-3 concentrates to five – which is more than five times lower than the TOTOX limit of 26 set by GOED, the standard for the omega-3 industry. Actual AlaskOmega TOTOX values typically range between zero and three, supporting AlaskOmega's status as the market leader for freshness.

In-house sensory panel assures optimal taste and smell

To ensure that AlaskOmega oils possess the optimal sensory characteristics, Wiley Companies implemented an in-house 11-member sensory panel, trained and certified in qualitative and quantitative methods to grade the organoleptic qualities of fish oil with high accuracy and repeatability. AlaskOmega omega-3 concentrates are rated on intensity of aroma and flavour during weekly taste panels, with a particular focus on AlaskOmega triglyceride concentrates.

New omega-3 powder

AlaskOmega, known for its high-potency omega-3 concentrates, has introduced an innovative omega-3 concentrate powder. The new product delivers over 200mg/g EPA and DHA without a fishy taste or smell. Plus, it’s below the industry’s total oxidation (TOTOX) measurement of fish oil rancidity. AlaskOmega’s new omega-3 concentrate powder allows this vital nutrient to be used in a more varied and diverse way, from protein bars to sports drinks.

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