Finding the right delivery form for supplements is vital for ensuring that consumers meet their recommended daily intake of nutrients. Vitux has developed ConCordix, a brand of soft-chew supplements, to meet consumer needs.

Since the early 2000s, Vitux (formerly Ayanda) has aimed to address consumer dissatisfaction with oral delivery for food supplements; in particular, omega-3 supplements. Available forms included capsules, tablets or liquid products, but consumers have reported negative issues with those delivery forms, citing problems with taste, swallowing difficulties, mobility and reflux.

Vitux, in cooperation with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway, revolutionised the nutraceutical market by introducing its ConCordix technology.

ConCordix is a disruptive premium delivery form for nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals for human and pet consumption. This innovation has received tremendously positive feedback since the beginning, from distributors and customers alike. ConCordix is now stocked in stores and pharmacies across the globe at a rapidly growing distribution speed.

The science behind ConCordix is revolutionary in its simplicity, and the technology can be applied to oil-soluble and water-soluble ingredients. The premium technology is a gateway to new opportunities, not only for dietary supplements but also across the pharmaceutical spectrum of products and applications. The ability to combine oil and water-soluble ingredients creates possibilities for new marketing concepts and consumer offerings to expand a company's revenue line. It is this potential that makes the technology so unique and exciting. ConCordix offers double the success; it is a hit with brands and consumers.

All you need in one delicious soft chew

ConCordix soft chews come in a variety of fruity flavours. They are designed for optimum taste, and even mask stronger-tasting ingredients such as fish oils and zinc. The dosage form also conveniently removes unpleasant side effects such as reflux, often experienced with oil-based ingredients such as fish oils.

All a consumer needs is one soft chew a day. ConCordix soft chews can contain high payloads of active ingredients to secure EFSA-recommended daily doses to meet nutritional requirements.

The soft chews are very convenient to take, whether at home, work, or school, or during a commute. Water is not required for swallowing them. Consumers just press a soft chew out of the blister pack and take it. It is as simple as chewing gum.

Soft chews are designed to maximise the comfort of taking food supplements, making a healthy life just that
little bit easier. This lowers the chance of customers stopping their daily intake, which is often associated with bitter or bad-tasting oral delivery formats. A study of children in a 16-week course of supplementing shows an impressive dropout rate as low as 5%.

Fresh and natural

With ConCordix, consumers have fresh soft chews every day. Tablets and capsules lose their freshness from the day their bottle is opened. This gives way to oxidation, which makes the oil rancid, creates a bad odour or makes the capsules stick together. But ConCordix soft chews are separately packed, which keeps oxygen out, and retains all freshness and flavours. The product appeal and shelf life is guaranteed, as customers can enjoy a tasty, fresh and delicious soft chew every day.

All raw materials used in the production of ConCordix come with a Certificate of Analysis issued by the supplier. ConCordix delivers the best results by using natural ingredients that are free of sugar and non-GMO. The company continuously conducts stability studies, ensuring that products are high quality, and that they stay within customer and regulatory specifications.