Thanma is a quiet new company which is specialized on Organic Juice Powders in the best quality we could find in the entire world. Our product range includes Organic Juice Powders like Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Beet Root, Karrot, Alfalfa, Tart Cherry and more.

What makes our Juice Powders so special?

The juice powders have a unique quality because of the way they are produced. First we always try to keep everything as fresh as possible. So the production facility is directly next to the fields where the most of the Plants for the Juice Powders are grown. So the fresh Grasses and Vegetables get juiced right after they are harvested. Also during the whole production the temperature is controlled in every step and it is produced in a protective atmosphrere without oxygen. So the Juice Powders keep the maximum possible amount of vitamins and minerals and will not degenerate.

Also the drying process is unique and not like all other known drying processes. With this process the temperature stays at all time only between 4 and 42°C. So the Juice Powders are also Raw Food Standard. And they keep al the nutrition, colour and taste much better as with other drying processes. Also the Juice Powders have a shelf life of 2,5 years with this process. And the purability and water solubility are very good for natural Powders.

So please feel free to order some free samples from us, you will taste, smell and see the great quality!

Why Juice Powders and not Powders of the whole plant?

We often hear from people we talk to: „Why should we buy your juice powders? Powders of the whole plant are much cheaper!“ That’s true at the first sight. If you only want to get a cheap pruduct and the efficiency is not important to you, then buy Powder of the whole plants. But if you take a closer look, you will see, Juice Powders are very worthwile!

Because if the success with the Powders is important to you and you really want to achieve the goals you want to reach with your Product, Juice Powders are the better choice. The value of the Juice Powders is very high and you can raise your Products to a totally new level!

Also because of the high concentration of the Juice Powders you only need very low amounts to reach the same or even higher effects. For example up to 33kg of fresh Grass will give 1kg of Grass Juice Powder. As you only need low amounts of the Juice Powders, in the most cases they are comparatively cheaper.

Just order some free samples, so you can compare with other Powders.

For what I can use Juice Powders?

Our Juice Powders are mainly used as ingredients for natural health supplements. But because of their high concentration of Vitamins and Minerals they also can be used as single natural health supplement Powder. Especially pure Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Kamut Grass, Karrot, Beet Root and Tart Cherry Juice Powder is already used as natural health suplement. Just google it, you will find a lot of products. And with our great quality you can compete with all the other Powders very good and reach a great profit.

Also our Juice Powders are used for vitamin bars, smoothie powders, baby food and a lot more, to bring Vitamins and Minerals in the products in a natural way.

If you want to test the Juice Powders, we are always happy to send you some free samples.