Coupled with global population growth and the increasing affluence of the developing world, consumer health and beauty industries are incentivised to ensure that their ingredients are provided from the highest-quality suppliers. Also, the increasing awareness concerning health, nutrition and sustainability has sharpened the market’s focus on various types of Natural BioActive Ingredients, used in healthy and sustainable consumer products.

Q’omer BioActive Ingredients is a highly specialised social and technology-based company that supplies natural and healthy ingredients, as well as know-how, to the health and beauty industries. Its’ ingredients are suitable for health-enhancing uses, such as cosmetics, nutricosmetics, functional foods, beverages and nutraceuticals.

The company is based on a sustainable and inclusive business model, sourcing and distributing natural and healthy ingredients through a responsible supply chain.

Science, research and innovation, and ethics and sustainability are Q’omer’s essential principles. Q’omer provides scientific support, collaborates in application development, and guaranties the ecological and social sustainability through the supply chain. As a supplier, Q’omer BioActive Ingredients ensures the highest quality, safety and science evidence promoting sustainable human well-being.

The company is keen to join its potential clients in solving the challenges facing the formulation of healthy and nutritious products, improving their end products’ quality, as well as strengthening their corporate social responsibility.