Pure Health & Earth is Nedmag’s latest brand introducing Magnesium chloride crystals to the food ingredients market. Magnesium chloride offers several similar properties to traditional table salt (sodium chloride), with excellent possibilities in lowering the sodium content. It is used as sodium replacement in nearly all products that are traditionally rich in sodium such as bakery, dairy and meats. It can also be used as a coagulant in tofu production, as an electrolyte in the production of sport drinks as a flavouring agent and many more.

Under the Pure Health & Earth brand, we are committed to enriching a variety of food and health applications with essential magnesium, promoting overall well-being. Whether incorporated into cheese making, bakery, soups & sauces, plant-based products, or meat and fish processing, our focus extends beyond substantial salt reduction of up to 50%, offering a multitude of advantages such as potential cost savings, an improved Nutri-Score and shelf life improvement. Moreover, magnesium chloride finds versatile use in a wide array of health-focused applications, including magnesium supplements, sports drinks, and nutrition bars.

Pure Health & Earth’s magnesium crystals are already being enthusiastically  welcomed and widely embraced in many different applications. Our product development team is continuously working with clients in many different sectors improving their recipes with our magnesium chloride. We have not yet found any sodium holding products in which we cannot in some form replace sodium with magnesium as for nearly any product that needs a boost of magnesium, our magnesium chloride will do the trick. Some of the main advantages found, such as sodium replacement and magnesium enrichment have now already been established in several applications.

If you are intrigued by the prospect of elevating your products with Pure Health & Earth’s Magnesium Chloride Crystals, or if you have any inquiries regarding distribution opportunities in your market, please do not hesitate to reach out to your dedicated sales manager at Nedmag.

Magnesium chloride for sodium reduction and magnesium enrichment in cheese making

The use of magnesium chloride in cheese making is an innovative solution to help you develop a healthier cheese with up to 40% lower sodium content while simultaneously enriching it with magnesium.

It can be easily applied in brine solutions and mixed with regular sodium salt and can help you develop your products faster and more cost effective.

Case in point being our ‘Veendammer’ Gouda cheese, sodium reduced & magnesium enriched, that we have created and marketed with our partner Slob Cheese (www.phe-magnesium.nl). We are however also finding all aforementioned benefits to be applicable in the production or cheeses as Mozarella and Cheddar.

Magnesium chloride for sodium reduction and magnesium enrichment in bakery applications

The use of Pure Health & Earth’s Magnesium chloride in your bakery products is an innovative solution to help you develop your bakery products faster and more cost effective. It is easy to apply and mix with regular sodium chloride. Magnesium chloride is a healthy alternative to replace sodium chloride up to 50%.  It will develop the gluten network faster, resulting in reduced kneading times and in addition to this, new and positive aromas are being perceived when baking with magnesium chloride mixtures. Adding Pure Health & Earth’s magnesium chloride to your recipe will enable you to lower sodium content while maintaining all traditional benefits.

Magnesium chloride as an electrolyte in functional drinks

Magnesium chloride already has a proven track record for use as electrolyte in sport drinks, functional drinks and enhanced drinks. Magnesium chloride is the most soluble magnesium compound and therefore the go to solution if you are looking for the best absorbable type of magnesium available. Boost your drinks with Pure Health & Earth’s magnesium chloride for enhanced hydration and extra nutrients.

Magnesium chloride as a coagulant in tofu production

Magnesium chloride plays a crucial role in tofu production as a coagulant. Compared to other coagulants like calcium sulfate or nigari, magnesium chloride is favored for its ability to produce tofu with a smoother texture. Its ease of use and consistent results make it a preferred choice for many producers. Explore the advantages of how Pure Health & Earth’s magnesium chloride crystals can enhance your tofu-making process and improve the quality of the final product for your consumers.

Magnesium chloride for flavor enhancement, texture optimalization and magnesium enrichment in confectionery


Beneficial results have been found in various confectionery applications, offering innovative opportunities for flavor enhancement and texture optimization. In chocolate production, sensory evaluations have revealed that the addition of magnesium acts as a potent flavor enhancer for the tasty and characteristic cocoa mass. In liquorice production magnesium chloride offers the opportunity to partially substitute ammonium chloride, resulting in a favourable impact on the salty liquorice flavour. Additionally incorporating magnesium chloride in peppermint production has led to a remarkable uptake of taste. Let Pure, Health & Earth’s magnesium chloride also be an excellent addition to your confectionery products, be it chocolates, liquorice, functional gummies, mints, chewing gums or candies.

Magnesium chloride as taste enhancer and mineral addition in sport, health & protein bars

The compelling option of using Pure Health & Earth’s magnesium chloride offers numerous benefits, especially compared to other magnesium compounds. Magnesium chloride boasts extreme solubility, containing the highest Mg content of all soluble Mg complexes, making it easily incorporable into various types of health and protein bars. Its rapid uptake ensures that your body receives essential magnesium precisely when it needs it most, supporting optimal performance and recovery. Further to these functional benefits you will find that Pure Health & Earth’s magnesium chloride also functions as a taste enhancer and has the great potential to further improve the taste of your finished product.

Magnesium chloride for sodium reduction in meat & fish processing

Applying Pure Health & Earth’s magnesium chloride in the processing of meat and fish is an innovative solution to help you develop a healthier product with a possible sodium reduction of up to 50% while enriching the products with magnesium. It can be easily applied in brine solutions and mixed with regular sodium chloride. Partial replacement of sodium chloride with magnesium chloride results in significant salt reduction without loss of taste. Conservational properties are not being affected whereas notable improvements in texture are realized.

Depending on the product type, magnesium chloride offers various benefits. It can enhance the aroma of smoked hams, prolongs the shelf life of cold-smoked salmon, and improves the structure of hot smoked sausages.

Magnesium chloride in plant-based applications

The excessive use of sodium chloride in plant-based and meat alternative products has emerged as a significant health concern. Pure Health & Earth’s magnesium chloride presents an outstanding solution as a salt substitute for your products. By incorporating our magnesium chloride, you can reduce sodium levels without compromising on flavor or the traditional benefits associated with salt. This approach aligns perfectly with current health recommendations, emphasizing the critical importance of reducing sodium intake for overall well-being. With Pure Health & Earth’s magnesium chloride, you can offer your consumers healthier options that support their dietary goals while staying ahead of evolving health trends.

Nedmag B.V.

Nedmag B.V. is a leading producer of calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide since 1981. Production is based in Veendam in The Netherlands, where bischofite salt deposit are found from the former Zechstein sea, making it a pure source of raw materials for all our products. We have been active in the food ingredients market for over 15 years with our calcium chloride products and are a key market player in that field. Under our new brand Pure, Health & Earth we are now enthusiastically presenting our MgCl2 crystals.

Discover the potential with Pure Health & Earth’s minerals, available to cater to a vast array of applications as you have read. We provide comprehensive application support to help you maximize the benefits of incorporating magnesium chloride into your products. Please contact us to find out how we can assist you with this.