Mile High Labs is a large-scale CBD ingredient and product manufacturer offering reliable delivery of bulk CBD and private label services to the world's leading consumer brands. With end-to-end GMP and ISO-9001 certifications, as well as an extensive network of contracted cultivators, the Company supplies high-quality, high-volume CBD orders year-round.

The Company focuses primarily on the extraction of CBD isolate from industrial-hemp due to isolate's purity. Isolate contains no THC, meaning bulk CBD isolate ingredients and products can be distributed throughout a growing number of global markets. CBD isolate is the solution of choice for many CPG manufacturers because it has little to no impact on the end product's taste, smell or appearance.

In addition to CBD isolate, the Company manufactures other ingredients including water soluble CBD and THC-free distillate. For companies that are interested in the reliable supply of finished products, Mile High Labs offers bulk CBD tinctures and provides white labeling of CBD tinctures, topicals, softgels and gummies.

Mile High Labs is creating scalable extraction systems to meet the increasing demand of the global CBD market. Their latest innovation is the Mile High Monster, an on-farm modular extraction facility capable of processing up to 50 acres of hemp per day. The development of this proprietary technology is necessary to alleviate the bottleneck between hemp cultivators and end CBD consumer demand.

The Company achieves industry-leading compliance results by understanding regulatory pathways and creating proprietary extraction processes and equipment that push the levels of safety forward for the entire industry. This sophisticated engineering and pharmaceutical approach to quality assurance and quality control ensures the consistency of Mile High's CBD ingredients.

Mile High Labs is headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado and operates offices and distribution centers across the United States and Europe. The Company recently made history with the purchase of a 400,000-square-foot pharmaceutical facility capable of meeting global demand for CBD finished products. Mile High Labs extracts exclusively from industrial hemp material. More at