Longevity Labs+ is an Austrian based health company founded in 2016, focusing on cellular health and has been developing its spermidineLIFE® products based on the research of the University Graz under the supervision of Prof. Frank Madeo. Through several years of cooperation and further in-house development, the company created the world’s first spermidine-rich dietary supplement, obtained from wheat germ.  

In 2019, the product spermidineLIFE® Original 365+ was launched on the market in Austria following extensive tests and studies. The international expansion continued with the market start in Germany in January 2020 and the founding of the US subsidiary Longevity Labs, Inc. in the spring of 2020.

The mission of Longevity Labs+ is to translate scientific findings into natural solutions for the challenges of an active and self-determined life. Cellular renewal or in other words, autophagy is the crucial and evolutionary process the company is focusing on.