Lipofoods™ Nutraceutical Ingredients is the umbrella brand for the Nutraceutical Division within Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health). Our core technology strength in microencapsulation applied to functional foods ingredients, gives us potential basis to enable our customers to develop differentiated nutraceutical solutions with scientific backing.

Some benefits of using Lipofoods™ microencapsulation technology include: controlled interactions with other components, minimized unpleasant taste, enhanced bioavailability, improved stability and dispersibility in final formulas as well as controlled release of functional ingredients. Consequently, easy enrichment of various types of applications is enabled. Lipofoods products target a variety of people from all age groups, and can help overcome certain health conditions such as iron deficiency anaemi, osteoporosis, hypercholesterolemia, etc.

By applying our core technology strength in microencapsulation, we thrive to bring solutions to the Health & Wellness market space, focusing on Active Living and Health aging.

Lipofoods expertise can be found in two different product platforms: the microencapsulated minerals and the botanical ingredients.

Lipofoods™ microencapsulated minerals product line includes the following branded ingredients:

MAGSHAPE™ microcapsules, concentrated source of magnesium for an active lifestyle; LIPOFER™ microcapsules, bioavailable and stable source of iron; LIPOCAL™ microcapsules, water dispersible and bioavailable source of calcium and ZINCNOVA™ microcapsules, stable and tasteless source of Zinc.

Lipofoods™ botanical ingredients product line includes the following branded ingredients:

ASTAGILE™ microcapsules, naturally stable microencapsulated astaxanthin with proven neuroprotective efficacy; CURCUSHINE™ microcapsules, a bioavailable and soluble curcumin with anti-aging benefits; LIPOPHYTOL™ microcapsules, water dispersible plant sterols for cholesterol reduction and NEWCAFF™ microcapsules, sustained caffeine release with a clean taste.

Lipofoods products target a variety of people from all age groups and can help overcome certain health conditions such as osteoporosis, hypercholesterolemia, iron deficiency anaemia and provide cognitive enhancement and skin benefits from within.

Our ingredients are be suitable to added to a wide range of functional foods, beverages and different types of nutraceuticals such as tablets, capsules, chewables, syrups, drops, etc.

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The Health business team at Lubrizol Life Science partners with customers to speed their innovative medical devices and differentiated pharmaceutical products to market. Our dedicated team provides best-in-class polymers and excipients, along with state-of-the-art product design, development, and manufacturing services, with the ultimate goal of creating solutions that improve patient outcomes.

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