The first public appearance of K+S Minerals and Agriculture as a single entity will be at this year’s Food ingredients Europe in Paris on 3-5 December, where the new organisation will offer the entire food industry insights into the world of its salt production and will present ‘salt & beyond’ in the K+S Universe. This first appearance as one company is intended to surprise K+S Minerals and Agriculture’s visitors, and help them to visualise the company’s expertise and what it stands for. For the first time, you can immerse yourself in the ‘world underground’ and experience new perspectives that reveal how salt extraction and processing work. Beyond that, various thematic worlds can be discovered in the K+S Universe across a total of six different planets.

All K+S products for the food industry have undergone an appealing rebranding, perfectly aligned around the ‘one company’ concept. Under the new brand NUTRIKS, all customers in the food sector across the globe will receive the highest quality from a single source.

Protected by nature

The organic nature of its products continues to be crucial to K+S Minerals and Agriculture. All NUTRIKS products are protected by nature and are completely traceable to the source along the entire value chain. In the production of all the company’s salt and potassium products, highest quality, product safety and consumer protection are its top priority. K+S’s new NUTRIKS product portfolio will soon be presented to its food industry customers under memorable new brand names, but with an ever-increasing product range.

Rock salt comes from a mineral source, provides the highest quality and is very pure, with a sodium chloride content of 99%. It is extracted from unadulterated rock salt from a depth of 400-750m and is perfectly suited for the use in foodprocessing applications. Pure vacuum salt has a sodium chloride content of 99.8%, which is achieved through elaborate crystallisation procedures. The third salt in the product group, sea salt, is extracted from sea water through evaporation. The high-quality potassium chloride, KaliSel, is used in the food industry as an ideal replacement for salt as well as for food fortification. The Epsom salt, which is chemically pure, is used in the food industry for fermentation or in the area of nutritional physiology or biotechnology, for example.

K+S Minerals and Agriculture’s food-grade products ensure compliance with the highest hygiene requirements through the HACCP system, fulfil Kosher and Halal requirements, and are ISO 9001 and IFS-certified.

New and improved

Through the merger of esco and K+S KALI, many years of experience in the extraction and refinement of sodium, potassium and magnesium salts have been combined. The company will continue to offer essential minerals for the food industry as a global leader in the production of potassium and salt products. K+S Minerals and Agriculture extracts its sodium, potassium, magnesium and sulphurous crude salts as the purest natural products, which are processed for the food industry, exclusively from demonstrably certified natural resources. K+S Minerals and Agriculture is aware of its responsibility to sustainability and is already able to show good results in its CO2 footprint, water footprint and social audits.