When you work with Kreglinger Specialties you and your company will access the expertise of both Kreglinger Specialties and the cutting edge suppliers with whom we have built strong partnerships. Concept, development, support… we are there for the tentative creative stage, for the careful nurturing of your concept, and for its exciting launch onto the market.

It is a thrilling time for the food and beverage industry! The market is overflowing with innovative new food and beverage ingredients. At Kreglinger Specialties we are immensely proud of our reputation for keeping abreast of the latest developments in food and beverage production: new ingredients and processes which enable our customers to improve the nutritional and health benefits of their products without compromising quality or taste.

Renowned for our promotion and distribution of the best functional and health ingredients on the market, at Kreglinger Specialties we dedicate ourselves to searching the world for the best new ingredients so that you don’t have to. The ingenuity of our proficient top-end suppliers enables us to offer excellent ingredients, allowing our customers to enhance their products and respond effectively to the demands of the market.

There isn’t much going on in the food industry that we aren’t involved in. Take a look at the list below to see what we can offer in response to the top trends in the industry:

Sugar and Calorie Reduction

Obesity, and the serious health conditions it causes, is a growing concern in the world today. We offer a range of solutions which enable the replacement or reduction of sugar in food and beverage products. Our vast range includes amazing ingredients such as chicory root fibre, Stevia and Isomalt; we can reformulate sugars in beverages and foods by up to 30%.

Improved Nutrition

To complement our sugar reduction options, and in response to increasing anxiety about health and nutrition, we offer improved nutrition profiles and can achieve up to a massive 45% sodium reduction with Umami flavouring. Using inulin to boost fibre content, as well as clean label starches and flours, we can also achieve significant fat replacement.

Clean Label

In response to the growing consumer need for foods with a healthier nutrient profile and simpler ingredient listing, we offer ingredients to replace E numbers. As alternatives to ingredients such as titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, lecithin and maltodextrin, we offer clean label ingredients such as rice starches and rice bran extracts which can also be used in the supplement industry.

Flexitarian, Gluten Free and Organic

The demand for flexitarian, gluten free and organic products is increasing yearly. We can provide a range of ingredients to meet the criteria of these products: starches, flavours, flours and fibres. These clean label ingredients provide a healthier alternative to higher calorie products available on the market.

Kreglinger Specialties has much more than ingredients to offer! We offer expertise on the latest developments in food ingredients and how they can enhance food and beverage production. We make regular on-site visits to customers and take pride in our hands on, solution orientated, approach to NPD and production. Our innovative input, combined with practical support, is always available. We appreciate that every customer is different and has unique requirements; we genuinely want our ingredients and innovations to work for our customers.