Ingredia Dairy Experts is a French dairy company which develops and manufactures dairy powders, functional and nutritional milk proteins, and natural bioactive ingredients for the worldwide food and nutrition and health industries.

  • Milk powders and dairy solutions for the food industries
  • Ingredients specifically developed for the chocolate manufacturers
  • UHT milk for overseas markets
  • Functional milk proteins offering a wide range of unique functionalities – creaminess & texture booster, fat replacement, yield improvement, clean label recipes, high protein products – for food sectors: fresh dairy products, cheese
  • Nutritional milk proteins with highly nutritional properties: mass gain, recovery, weight management, and for diet, sport, clinical and infant markets
  • Bioactive ingredients for Health industries perfectly adapted for food supplements, functional foods and drinks
    A range of products for stress management, immunity, gut health, urinary tract care
  • Through listening to market demands and those of its clients, as well as being an expert in the field, Ingredia develops targeted, innovative solutions, adaptable to individual expectations.