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Ingood by Olga is the business unit dedicated to ingredients of the Olga group, a family-owned company based in Brittany. Born in 2015, we are daily guided by our purpose: To offer the best of our materials in respect of our ecosystems and with boldness. We produce and offer plant-based ingredients for health, nutrition and food markets. 

SULFODYNE® – a broccoli seeds extract directly titrated in sulforaphane

Broccoli is known for its richness in sulfur compounds and is more specifically the richest crucifer in glucoraphanin, a precursor of sulforaphane. Unfortunately, eating broccoli is not enough to provide the effective dose of sulforaphane. It depends on broccoli quality, storage conditions of the broccoli, ability to hydrolyse glucoraphanin.

Sulforaphane is an isothiocyanate compound found in broccoli. It’s derived from the hydrolysis of its precursor, glucoraphanin, by an enzyme called myrosinase.

Discovered by Paul Talalay at Johns Hopkins University in the 1990s, research on sulforaphane has exploded, as evidenced by numerous published scientific articles (more than 3 000 articles in Pubmed).

At Ingood by Olga, we really want to offer natural and effective solutions that are useful to everyone. That’s why we set ourselves the challenge of developing an ingredient directly titrated in active and stable sulforaphane. A first on the market!

The only broccoli seed extract with bioactive sulforaphane

There are several broccoli extracts on the market and most of them contain glucoraphanin or also named “sulforaphane glucosinolate.”  Glucoraphanin is inactive in this form. Thanks to 20 years of research, we have drawn the best in broccoli, and we have succeeded in stabilizing natural sulforaphane from European broccoli seeds through an innovative and patented encapsulation process.

SULFODYNE® is the only ingredient from broccoli seed extract that provides the active and stable sulforaphane and with a 5% titration which is the highest on the global market.

Protected by 2 international patents, Sulfodyne® is the solution for a bioavailability 7 times higher than other broccoli extract providing glucoraphanin (Fahey et al., 2016)

SULFODYNE® – 3 mechanisms of action

Antioxidant activity: Sulforaphane is a strong indirect antioxidant thanks to the activation of Nrf2 expression

Anti-inflammatory activity: Sulforaphane reduces inflammation by inducing NF-κB inhibition and Nrf2 expression

Cellular protection: Sulforaphane has an epigenetic activity that impacts DNA methylation and histone acetylation. Some genes are regulated inducting cellular protection

SULFODYNE® – a wide range of health benefits


The body naturally activates its own defense mechanisms against foreign substances that are toxic to the body, called “xenobiotics” but can only partially neutralize and eliminate them Sulfodyne® is a booster in the detox process. It can help to eliminate toxins from the body to prevent further health complications and to improve general wellness thanks to its action on phase I and phase II enzymes, involved in detoxification process and on antioxidant enzymes involved in the reduction of the oxidative stress.


Since COVID-19 and the increasing preventive approach to health, boosting immunity is one of the biggest concerns of consumers.

Sulfodyne® can play a role in boosting the imune system, both in the preventive phase and in the acute phases, by enhancing the body’s natural defences mechanisms.


Joints are complex structures composed of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and other tissues. More and more people are suffering from joint pain. In fact, with an ageing population and sedentary lifestyles, joint problems are on the rise. Due to ageing and chronic inflammation, 1,71 billion people are concerned by variable degrees of pain accompanied by stiffness, swelling and loss of joint function.

Sulfodyne® can help in reducing inflammation, cartilage and bone damages and joint pain in case of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain.

Women’s health:
Women’s health is very large and encompasses a number of symptoms, time of life or diseases that have long been ignored by medical research like endometriosis, pre-menstrual syndrome, menopause, etc. Some of these conditions are linked by an uncontrolled inflammation process and the role of sulforaphane, notably through the activation of Nrf2 expression, is gaining interest in the management of some women health issues like endometriosis or premenstrual syndroms (PMS).