Hiperbaric is the Global Leader in High-Pressure Processing Technology (more than 60% market share), with 300 machines installed in food and beverage industries worldwide. It offers the widest throughput range of industrial HPP machines, meeting the requirements of start-ups, small-medium enterprises and large corporations.

Since its inception in 1999, Hiperbaric has designed, developed, produced and marketed its high-pressure processing units internationally, with hundreds of clients around the world. Its leadership is based on its fully integrated service that encompasses all stages in the value chain, from production to installation, including a 24/7 aftersales service and a highly qualified team of HPP PhDs that assist the client in any aspect related with the product.

About HPP technology

High-pressure processing (HPP) is a food and beverage non-thermal preservation technology that applies high-hydrostatic pressure for some seconds or minutes to packaged products (In-Pack) or beverages before bottling (In-Bulk).

HPP advantages include:

·         Premium quality: sensorial, nutritional and functional properties are preserved for up to three months in refrigerated conditions.

·         Brand protection: HPP ensures food safety reaching 5-log reduction of pathogenic microorganisms.

·         Market expansion: HPP extends shelf life up to ten times larger, allowing the positioning of innovative products in new markets around the world.

·         Food environmental sustainability: HPP does not generate effluents and water used to rise pressure can be reused between cycles.

·         Highly versatile technology: it can be applied to a wide range of foods: juices and beverages, meat, fish and shellfish, fruits and vegetables, dairy, and ready-to-eat products.

The advantages of In-pack HPP units of Hiperbaric

·         Versatile design: intensifiers (high-pressure pumps) can be installed alongside the machine or in a service corridor and also in a platform on top of the vessel. This last design reduces the footprint and facilitates its implementation in a food industrial environment.

·         Wide range of industrial machines: from 55l to 525l, HPP machines of Hiperbaric meet the requirements of start-ups, small-medium enterprises and large corporations.

·         Labour saving and greater flexibility: HPP units are integrated with their own loading and unloading lines and systems. Hiperbaric provides further turnkey automation solutions adapted to customer needs.

·         Aftersales service and support worldwide 24/7: highly specialised field technicians, diagnostic services and remote monitoring, after sales portal. All is customer-oriented to satisfy requirements.

·         Green technology: it is an environmentally friendly process because HPP machines only need water (which is recycled) and electricity.

The advantages of the unique In-bulk HPP machine worlwide

Hiperbaric has recently developed the 525 Bulk, a breakthrough technology for the beverage industry. The beverage is processed into a bag hosted inside the vessel, occupying 90% of the total volume, which is roughly double the one achieved with In-Pack HPP units. Hiperbaric, a global leader in HPP technology, is the only supplier of this breakthrough technology.

Furthermore, In-Bulk HPP units fit perfectly into any large beverage production line and allow the use of any kind of packaging after HPP, no matter the material, design or size. There are large packaging options (bottles, bags, pouches, tubs, trays, vacuum / skin packaging, modified atmosphere packaging), but the units are limited to polymeric flexible packaging. Hiperbaric has revolutionised the HPP industry with the ‘In-Bulk’ processing concept.

This innovative technology reduces steps, simplifies the process and shows high levels of productivity, along with low processing costs and minimum energy consumption.