We specialise in the gentle production of sensitive plant-based ingredients through the extraction with supercritical carbon dioxide as a natural solvent. The clean and environmentally friendly extraction technology preserves the entire spectrum of sensitive top notes and bioactive substances of herbs and spices, e.g. antioxidants, natural flavours, essential oils and special fatty oils. Thus, supercritical botanical extracts from herbs and spices are a highly concentrated form of nature to enhance your natural cosmetics, perfumes, high-quality food supplements and premium food products.

Benefit from the high quality of our CO2 extracts

CO2 extracts are 100 % natural, highly concentrated and already have a good efficacy at a low dosage. The drug/extract ratio of our CO2 extracts is outstanding. Therefore, your products can profit from a high content of active components. CO2 extracts are sterile and do not need any preservation. Many extracts can even help to stabilize your products in terms of microbiology and oxidation. Genuine CO2 extracts consist only of extract components.

Continuous improvement

Competence, continuous R&D efforts of our expert team as well as detailed documentation of all relevant process steps – from organic contract cultivation right up to the finished extract – are the base of our high product quality. The traceable QA system includes modern analytical methods and guarantees the authenticity of our CO2 extracts.

Declaration and certification

CO2 extracts are all natural. Genuine extracts exclusively contain ingredients of the declared plant raw material. They offer simple clean label declaration and are classified as aroma extracts according to the aroma regulation 1334/2008. According to the same regulation, they usually do not require separate approval and usually do not constitute novel foods, provided that the raw materials have food status.

Flavex also produces an extensive range of CO2 extracts in certified organic quality. Most products are kosher or halal certified. With the exception of butter extracts, which are suitable for vegetarian cuisine, all extracts meet the requirements for vegan foods.

One of the pioneers in CO2 extraction

The private and independent company has grown continuously since its foundation in 1986 and has established itself very successfully on the international market. As one of the pioneers in CO2 extraction, Flavex has more than 30 years of knowledge of high-pressure plant extraction technology, phytochemistry and the analysis of complex natural compositions. All products are developed, produced and certified at the company's site in Rehlingen-Siersburg / Germany, near the borders of France and the Benelux countries.

Flavex is pleased to support the product developments of its customers by providing samples, literature and more information. Please contact us.