Fermedics is a supplier of premium fermented raw materials such as medicinal herbs, mushrooms, berries, fruits & vegetables and probiotics directed to nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Our offices are in Belgium.

Our main purpose is to develop premium botanicals fermented with the right microorganisms and to put 100 % natural and highly efficient ingredients into the market.

Our ingredients are manufactured in a factory complied with HACCP, ISO22000 and ISO17025.

Why fermentation

The fermentation of foods is an ancient practice that has been performed by humans for thousands of years. Our ancestors fermented food for various reasons as preservation, to improve the taste and to make them more digestible and nutritious. Many cultures still eat fermented foods, such as Japanese miso, tempeh, and Korean kimchi; but unfortunately, fermented foods have largely disappeared from the Western diet.

Advanced fermentation

A patented four-stage fermentation process is breaking down plant ingredients to the essential. Unnecessary ingredients such as cellulose, free sugars, some toxic substances, very large molecules are either eliminated or cut into smaller more accessible items.

A four-stage fermentation enables to use adapted microorganisms which are not in a competitive environment, where one type of microorganism would dominate the action. This enables to achieve a perfectly bioavailable end product.


Fermogulan™ is one of the most promising ingredients for healthy aging. FermogulanTM is fermented jiaogulan or Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Thunb.), a climbing perennial vine of the Cucurbitaceae family native to certain parts of South and Southeast Asia.

In ancient China, jiaogulan was basically used as an energising agent and rejuvenating elixir. This ‘Immortality herb’ has been made even more powerful than it already is through a patented and innovative Biotransforming Fermentation Technology .

FermogulanTM contains polysaccharides, vitamins (carotene), amino acids, flavonoids and more than 150 different Dammarane-type saponins (gypenosides). An innovative functional-oriented and microbial fermentation creates a biotransformation of the secondary metabolites of jiaogulan. During fermentation microbial enzymes transform poorly available herbal components into more easily absorbable health-promoting metabolites! The benefit is that the bioavailability is independent of the gut flora, and that dosage can remain low.


FBG22™ is black garlic obtained from fresh garlic which has been double fermented for a certain period. It is carried out under controlled humidity at various pre-programmed temperatures. Certain substances disappear, such as certain aromatic substances, but other substances are newly produced. This strengthens the medicinial properties of the plant and softens the flavor. The color becomes dark brown due to the reaction of Maillard.

The most active ingredient is SAC, a water-soluble sulphur component. FBG22TM contains as much as 10 mg SAC per gram of raw material. This is unique! FBG22TM can be used to support cardiovascular and immune health.


Berriotics™is the result of a four-stage fermentation process of ten different berries loaded with fibres and antioxidants. BerrioticsTM contains unique microfibres as power-prebiotic and is very rich in different types of anthocyanins with the highest bioavailability!

The fermentation process cuts the soluble fibres into microfibres. These microfibres have a high diversity. They stimulate a very broad variety of microorganisms. It activates and stimulates them to make more digestive enzymes. These microorganisms are so grateful that they start to produce massively Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) in the colon. Perfect for the health of the colonocytes and the immune system. The antioxidants are activated by the fermentation and help to remove free radicals in the colon wall, thus also strengthening the immune system.

BerrioticsTM helps to balance the microbiome.


A few examples show how powerful the concept of fermentation on plants is. The therapeutic value of our ingredients is enhanced and optimised for our body. Look at our website www.fermedics.com  or contact us (info@fermedics.com) to discover more exciting products.