Based on its firmly rooted traditions in the chemical trade, the growth of the CG Group is characterised by a consistent expansion of the product range that has long ceased to be limited simply by trading activities and now comprises highly sophisticated production capabilities that include, for example, an environment with cleanroom conditions. Two current examples from the company’s business unit illustrate how innovations arise under these conditions that develop into leading high-quality products on the market.

Both product innovations are associated with an area that has emerged as a specialist field for CG – the production of mineral substances with particularly low levels of undesired trace elements such as aluminium, arsenic, lead, chlorate, cadmium and mercury. The high level of purity achieved in these products makes them suitable for, among other things, further processing as part of the production of baby food.

Proof of concept

The first example is the result of a productive partnership with the manufacturer Dow: the 50% sodium hydroxide TRACELIGHT is a food additive that is E524-approved, according to EU Directive 1333/2008 and ISO 22000, and is also kosher and halal-certified. Production, filling, storage and transportation of the product are carried out in accordance with the EU food hygiene regulation (HACCP), while also complying with the German drinking water ordinance (EN 896:2012, Type 1).

Dow has established itself as the first manufacturer in Europe that fulfils and consistently ensures compliance with strict requirements for food safety across the entire supply chain. TRACELIGHT is produced in a batch process. Every single delivery has its own batch number so that transparent traceability is guaranteed at all times. An uncompromising approach to risk management also ensures that the product can be produced according to the highest quality standards. Furthermore, the strict commitment to stewardship means that the protection of health, safety and the environment are an integral part of the design, production, use and recycling of the product.

A second example of CG’s willingness to innovate is NutriNovum, a product developed by the company itself that is produced in accordance with ISO 22000 and GM conditions in CG’s own cleanroom. NutriNovum AL 5611 Premium is a blend of extremely pure potassium hydroxide E 525 dissolved in EP-purified water. NutriNovum is available in various different concentrations of 1-50% (depending on the customer’s requirements). It has a uniquely low proportion of chlorate of less than 0.2mg/kg, and is kosher and halal-certified.

CG has demonstrated with NutriNovum how the range of advantages offered by the manufacturer can be blended together in a powerful way in one product. As an experienced chemical distributor, the company thus possesses reliable and competent supply channels for extremely pure source materials.

Quality and reliability

CG’s validated production concept, as well as additional refining processes and analytical capabilities, guarantee that the raw materials used have a minimal amount of impurities so that they are highly suitable for sensitive applications, such as the production of baby food. They can be reproduced in a uniform and consistent quality. In addition, CG follows a strategy of observing stricter specification standards for its premium series than are actually required. The main focus is always to achieve the highest level of quality possible. This applies to the entire supply chain in which the highest level of transparency is guaranteed – from separately documenting the origins of the source materials through to meticulous quality checks of the produced blends. Another advantage is the high availability of the product, thanks to the company’s own production and storage capacities.

Both examples of innovation demonstrate how unconditionally CG adheres to a key principle of its own corporate philosophy: close and active partnership. For this traditional company based in northern Germany, every customer request is the beginning of a common journey, with the objective of reliably achieving the desired goal according to plan. Every stage of the planning, production and supply process is resolutely carried out according to the motto ‘Your challenge, our solutions’.

This is why those products that are currently available for the food sector can be regarded as extremely good examples – they illustrate how CG Nutrition Solutions has positioned itself to serve the food industry as a powerful, flexible and service-oriented partner with a strict focus on quality.