In today's globalised world, finding sources for raw materials is not a problem. The world has become a small place, with suppliers to be found just around the corner. However, looking behind the scenes shows another story. When it comes to substances like PAHs, complete documentation is an indispensable necessity. C.E. Roeper's aim is to fill paper documentations with life, including regular laboratory monitoring, audits with its suppliers in the countries of origin, field work in the crop regions, participation in projects to improve social standards and sustainability, business relations with its suppliers based on longterm trust.

Around the world

There's almost no country on this earth that C.E. Roeper has not visited. It buys natural raw materials from all over the world and from suppliers who have become friends over the decades of cooperation. C.E. Roeper believes sourcing does not only mean signing an order sheet, it includes crop surveys, regular audits and up-to-date market reports. Sometimes it can mean standing in the middle of the African savannah gathering beeswax.

With the company's own storage facilities run by C.E. Roeper employees on its own premises, C.E. Roeper is in a position to react flexibly to various difficulties that can arise in the supply chain – from delays in delivery to harvestrelated shortages. The company provides products and services that fulfil the highest quality standards and offer value in terms of price, safety and environmental impact. It offers tailor-made solutions when it comes to packing, processing and refining. Its quality department with a staff of four experts offers in-house sample handling, monitoring and documentation.

More than just words

'Come to where the nature is' is more than just a marketing slogan for C.E. Roeper. Nature and natural ingredients have been the company's passion long before they became 'trendy'. C.E. Roeper has been sourcing and distributing natural raw materials since 1891, starting out with waxes, resins and balsams. Today, the company is an expert in hydrocolloids, functional foods and superfoods – all in conventional or certified organic quality.

Buying from C.E. Roeper is buying pure, unadulterated, natural ingredients from a reliable source. Its application technology will assist clients in choosing the right quality for their applications – no matter if they require a gelling agent such as carrageenan, or a thickening agent such as locust bean gum, xanthan gum or gum tragacanth. Superfoods such as quinoa or chia, as well as health ingredients like konjac gum, guar gum or others, are also part of the company's product portfolio. C.E. Roeper will make sure to match its clients' products and production process with exactly the right product, offering solutions beyond the customary. Its customers benefit from its in-house application technology centre, offering tailor-made solutions and professional consulting.

'From distribution to solution' again, is more than just a line in a brochure. C.E. Roeper's employees live up to this promise every day. Integrity, fairness and professional honour are the heart of the company's business, as it feels responsible for its performance and reputation, seeking for mutually beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers alike.