Berjé is a family-owned business that has been in operation for seven decades. The company’s strength lies in a profound understanding of the supply and the quality of
the diverse raw materials consumed by the flavor and fragrance industries. The Bleimann family, the Berjé family, and the families of our farmers are united in our one ambition; sustainable business practices for the future.

Company history

Berjé has been supplying essential oils, aromatic chemicals, flavour, fragrance, and functional ingredients since 1949. With humble beginnings, Berjé was founded by Julius "Les" and Alexander Bleimann in the industrial section of lower Manhattan area in what has now become the fashionable SoHo. Kim Bleimann joined the company in 1973 at Berjé’s second location in Long Island City. Under Kim’s leadership and established experience, Berjé continued to grow, transitioning into it’s current facility in Carteret, NJ. In 1998 Berjé strengthened the company’s position to producer and distiller with the formation of Berjé Trakia.

Company profile

Global locations under the Berjé umbrella:

  • Carteret, NJ – 235,000 sqft. facility and company headquarters
  • Los Angeles, Chicago, Bulgaria – Satellite warehousing
  • Sonoma, California – Whole Herb Company – Sister company expanding Berjé’s product range into dried botanicals and spice ingredients
  • Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Berjé Trakia – Rose and Lavender oil production facility
  • Distribution arrangements – Partners in the US, Germany, Japan, Paraguay, Haiti, Singapore.

Product categories

  • Essential Oils – 300+ domestically sourced and imported worldwide
  • Aromatic Chemicals – 3,000+ synthetic and natural isolates
  • Fragrances – A division including creative and manufacturing in the New Jersey headquarters; synthetic and all-natural perfumery
  • Organic Essential Oils – Growing list of commercially available botanical oils certified by the Oregon Tilth Association
  • Functional Ingredients – Active ingredients, Cooling agents, health and wellness functional ingredients
  • Berjé’s "core" list of ingredients include: Citrus Oils and derivatives, Spice Oils and derivatives, Herbal Oils and derivatives, Floral Oils and derivatives, Rose Oil,
    Lavender Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Cognac Oil, Vetiver Oil.

Company capabilities

  • SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing, Edition 8.1 – 97% rating of "excellent"
  • SQF integrated manufacturing and quality control
  • Distillation of Rose and Lavender Oils – under expansion
  • Global sourcing with network of partners spanning decades
  • 200,000 ft², 4092 solar panel system.