Andy Biotech(Xi’an)Co Ltd is a high-tech enterprise focus on producing of botanical extract to pharmaceutical ,food,cosmetic area and so on.Andy Biotech is continuously pursuing to bring natural to health life.Our products all are traceable from raw material to finished products that sell all over the world.The manufacturer site that has passed various quality system certificates such as ISO,Kosher,Halal,EU-Organic etc.Andy Biotech also can provide solutions and support for different clients’ need and the products had sold to more than 20 countries worldwide.

Ginkgo biloba extract

Relying on its own planting base,Andy Biotech provides high-quality ginkgo biloba extract for global producers.The planting base is located in the Qinling Nature Reserve and there is no external pollution. Andy Biotech adheres to the concept of "good raw materials produce good products". We strictly regulate planting, do not use pesticides or fertilizers, and control product quality from the source. extract production is strictly in accordance with the requirements of the pharmacopoeia, and all products are produced. It can be traced to the source; the extracted ginkgo leaf waste residue is comprehensively utilized to produce compound microbial organic fertilizer, and the factory has no solid waste output.

Our Ginkgo biloba quality standard is as follows

(1) 24% Flavone glycosides, 6% ginkgolides (lactones),Ginkgolic Acid<1ppm; 

(2) Free Quercetin<1.0%; Free Kaempferol<1.0%; Free Isorhamnetin<0.4%,100% natural from Binkgo Biloba leaves; 

(3)Halal certificated, Kosher certificated,

(4)No Pesticide residues,Low PAH;

(5)More than 200 acres of Ginkgo Biloba planting base;  

(6)Stable Capacity:annual output of 100 tons of ginkgo flavone production line and ginkgo health food production line;

Konjac Gum powder

Konjac powder is mainly composed of glucomannan which is a kind of food with low heat energy, low protein and high dietary fiber. It also has many physical and chemical characteristics such as water soluble, thickening, stabilization, suspension, gel, film forming, and so on. Therefore, it is a natural health food and an ideal food additive.Konjac glucomannan has unique gel properties. A small amount of alkali is added to the konjac glucomannan of 2%-3% concentration, heated to 85 degrees in water bath and stationary for about two hours. It will form an elastic, solid irreversible gel, and make use of its irreversible gel characteristics to produce various foods, such as jelly, konjac cake, noodles, bionic food, vegetarian food and so on.Andy Biotech can recommend suitable viscosity of Konjac gum for different clients’ use.

Other product

Our portfolio also includes:Konjac gum,tomato extract Lycopen, White Willow Bark Extract,Fisetin,Green coffee bean extract,Hawthorn extract and so on. These ingredients can be used for a wide range of healthy living platforms such as: cognitive, immunity, sleep, urinary and so on.

Quality system

Andy Biotech believe quality first and our products satisfy the requirements of our clients all over the world.Andy Biotech has 8 management system such as

Warehouse management system

Material scrap management system

Product packaging management regulations

Work safety management system

Inspection management system

Production record keeping

Return product handling system

After-sales management system

To support our quality goal and we passed Kosher/ISO9000/Halal/Organic quality management system, which is also suitable to support our production.