Anderson Advanced Ingredients provides new clean label solutions for industry-wide challenges and is an innovative foundation to help move countless R&D projects from concept to reality. Led by the legacy products MoisturLOK® and FiberSMART®, the portfolio includes Allulose, fibers, fat and sugar replacers, vegan proteins and nutraceutical ingredients. All ingredients make existing foods healthier and improve product quality. The American company, Anderson Global Group, recently opened a European branch in the Netherlands.

Tastier, easier and better
Anderson Advanced Ingredients sells products suitable for sugar reduction, binding, shelf life extension, moisture migration, dough machinability, bulking, dietary fiber, protein loading, production yield, emulsification/stabilization, ice cream production & gluten free baking.

All suitable to speed up the production process, make products last longer, be able to make claims, ensure less dehydration and make healthy products tastier.

FiberSMART® has revolutionized the fiber space with its consumer preferred tapioca and non-GMO corn offerings. FiberSMART® consistently comes out on top in a number of applications including protein bars, ice cream, confectionary, beverages and gummy sweets. With greater than 90% dietary fiber, FiberSMART® can be added to increase fiber content without sacrificing taste or texture.

Available as conventional or organic in powder or syrup form, FiberSMART is a clean label alternative for many traditional-foods that consumers crave.

With top features as: Certified Organic Tapioca, Exceptional Tolerability, Unparalleled Low aw Binding and Minimal glycemic Response.

The MoisturLOK® family of products are clean label problem solvers. All food products whether baked, extruded, or processed face the same challenge: moisture migration. Moisture causes doughs to be too tacky, microwaved goods to be too soggy and baked goods to go stale long before they should. There are chemical solutions available to mitigate these challenges but those are no longer acceptable in the clean label natural world that we now live in.

MoisturLOK® has been keeping food moist and fresh tasting longer for decades as it has been proven to extend the shelf life of food products by as much as three times. By increasing product shelf life, MoisturLOK® has been shown to reduce the cost of stale product and spoils for some manufacturers by as much as 80%.

With top features as: Extend Shelf Life by More Than 20%, Organic Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, Extend Eating Quality & Minimize Spoilage, Syrup, Powder & Sugar Free Options.

Backed by compelling human weight loss studies, AllSWEET® is the premier Non-GMO certified allulose source in the marketplace. Weight management studies indicate that food and beverages containing AllSWEET® may help normalize metabolic status when paired with an overall healthy diet. AllSWEET® is also diabetic friendly as it elicits no glycemic response. Available as a syrup or powder, AllSWEET® should be a staple material in every formulator’s cabinet and a leading candidate for use in any food product featuring reduced calories.

Allulose is a naturally occurring rare sugar found in fruits and foods such as raisins, figs, kiwis, and brown sugar. It contains less than 10% of the calories of sucrose and yet imparts the sweetness everyone is looking for. Allulose is recognized by the body as a simple sugar; however, it is not metabolized and has no impact on blood glucose levels.

With top features as: Keto & Diabetic Friendly, Certified Organic, Natural Sugar Free Sweetener and Non-GMO Project Verified