At Alvinesa Natural Ingredients we know how to extract the best of nature from grapes and olives. Our production process begins with the use of by-products from the wine and olive oil industries. We avoid any food destruction, extending food life cycle and turning by products into new value-added ingredient with great health benefits.

Alvinesa is pure circular economy, being a proud members of the Upcycled Food Association. Our unwavering commitment to the environment is evident through our self-produced energy, with 95% coming from renewable sources like our biomass and photovoltaic plant. Moreover, we champion water conservation by relying on 100% water reuse and purification practices.

Founded in Spain in 1993, Alvinesa's roots trace back to a family-run company in the alcohol distilling and wine sector, which commenced trading in 1948. Today, we boast a sustainable, traceable, and waste prevention supply chain. Sourcing premium grape pomace, predominantly from Spain's abundant Castilla-La Mancha wine region, we ensure the highest quality, no- and low-pesticide raw materials.

Transforming 100% of these materials into ingredients used in an array of consumer products for global markets, Alvinesa plays a vital role in preserving global food supplies by refraining from food destruction for ingredient production. With over three decades of technical expertise, we uphold unparalleled quality standards in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, boasting a low carbon footprint. Employing a water-based extraction method instead of chemical solvents, we prioritize preserving the natural goodness of our products.

At Alvinesa Natural Ingredients, we remain dedicated to offering premium natural ingredients, while upholding our deep commitment to sustainability, innovation, and utmost customer satisfaction.

Key facts:

•            Spain is one of the three largest wine producing countries in the world.

•            The main ingredient of the mediterranean diet is olive oil.

•            320.000 tonnes Annual Capacity.

•            200.000 m² Production Facilities Size in 3 different sites.

•            250 Active Customers.

•            70 years Operational Expertise



Alvinesa upcycles raw material left from wine and olive oil production to create natural ingredients.

The portfolio includes a wide selection of:

•            Natural Antioxidants:

  • Vintera. Grape extracts rich in polyphenols.
  • Hytolive. Olive extracts (Hydroxytyrosol).

•            Natural Color from grapes (anthocyanins)

•            Natural Flavour (wine concentrates).

•            Natural Tartaric Acid from grapes.

•            Grape Seed Oil.


Alvinesa's core business lies in 'Zero Waste', using 100% of the raw material. We do not destroy food to make ingredients!

Clients Served:

Food, Beverage, Animal Health and Nutraceutical industries.


–             Supplements (cardiovascular, cognitive, sport recovery, anti-aging, joint,etc)

–             Food Protection: Natural substitude of BHA, BHT, sodium nitrite and sulphite.

–             Dairy and plant based: food protection & health function.

–             Beverage: food protection, health function and color.

–             Bakery: food protection, health function and color.

–             Ready meals: food protection.

–             Meats: food protection.