Aavishkar’s Oral Thin Films – A Novel Dosage Form

Aavishkar is an Indian company that aims to revolutionize the way supplement dosage is administered, by ameliorating issues related to its consumption. Aavishkar embodies innovation – so much so that even the name literally translates to ‘Innovation’. We have made major inroads into the field of Nutraceuticals and alternative dosage by virtue of our innovations in Oral Thin Film technology.

Oral Dissolving Thin Films Improve User Experience

Supplementation and use of Nutraceuticals is on the rise with a huge segment of population becoming increasingly conscious about their dietary choices. With prevalence of sedentary lifestyle and various deficiencies and co-morbidities, it becomes imperative to tap into this market and revolutionize it in a way that improves their administration.

Aavishkar’s Oral Thin Strips play a crucial role in bridging this gap. Oral Thin Strips enable users to carry up to 30 days worth of dosage in their pockets. They also make it possible to ingest them in a non-conspicuous manner. Not to mention, with a pleasant taste, it is a blessing for children, elderly patients and people who have difficulty swallowing.

As per studies, more than 22% of people above the age of 55 suffer from oral dysphagia. When you consider that this is the population demographic that uses the largest proportion of supplementation, the market is immense. Additionally, a huge variety of flavors can be layered onto the film making it a enjoyable experience!

Oral Dissolving Thin Films Are An Effective Delivery Mechanism

Oral Thin Strips are ideally meant to be placed under the tongue in contact with the soft palate. They dissolve and are absorbed through the oral mucosa and the active substances directly enter the bloodstream. This improves bioavailability, makes it easier to control dosage, reduces the required amount of active substance, reduces need for superfluous fillers, and has been observed to improve patient compliance by making it easier to administer.

Retailers and Dealers Love Aavishkar’s Oral Thin Films

With a host of tie-ups with various high-profile manufacturers, we have been involved in conceptualization, development and manufacture of more than twenty five products for our clients. This is courtesy a comprehensive list of services we provide that include Business Development, Product Research, Product Development, Packaging Design and Development, Product Manufacturing and Large Scale Supply.

We are a one-stop solution creating avant-garde products.

Aavishkar Blends Traditional Knowledge With Modern Technology

It is no secret that the demand for Herbal and Ayurvedic products has been on the rise. Consumers have become very careful about their dietary intake, and our formulations are highly sought after. Aavishkar was quick to formulate several successful products from tried and tested plant based sources. These include Oral Strips for Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin B12, CoQ10, Vitamin E, Curcumin, Ashwagandha based formulations just to name a few.

Aavishkar Is Open To Partner With Brands That Share Similar Values

We believe that innovation and collaboration is the only way to move forward, hence we are always on the lookout for path-breaking companies that wish to be disruptors and are interested in partnering with us to further their brand.

Aavishkar was started in 2013 with the aim of becoming the world’s largest producer of Oral Dissolving Strips. With a huge product range and a manufacturing facility spread across 14000 sft and a current manufacturing capacity of 5 million strips per month, we are well on our way to achieve the target we set for ourselves!