Whey expert Carbery plans to launch an optimised heat-stable, great-tasting protein for RTD beverages alongside a protein hydrolysate for bars that helps maintain softness over shelf life at this year’s FiE exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, on 28-30 November.

Carbery’s latest innovation, Optipep RTD, can deliver totally pure whey protein content in RTD teas, coffees, water, smoothies, juices and dairy beverages. The heat stability of protein is critical in neutralpH applications, not only for processing reasons but also to maintain stability over shelf life.

Historically, RTD manufacturers had to rely on casein-based ingredients and/or compromise on the amount of protein contained in the end product to avoid taste issues.

Carbery’s latest innovation means that for the first time, customers can use a delicious, 100% whey protein ingredient that can withstand pasteurisation, UHT treatment and a shelf life of up to 12 months while providing a meaningful quantity of premium protein in each serving. Like all of Carbery’s other whey proteins, it is manufactured from grass-fed whey, which is a natural and sustainable protein source.

At the FiE exhibition, the company will be displaying a range of protein bars that contain Optipep, which maintains softness and delivers an improved texture throughout shelf life. It also helps to overcome water-retention issues, which enables manufacturers to extend the shelf lives of protein bars, while guaranteeing a great-tasting, high-quality product.

Expert guidance

Whey protein has a neutral taste profile that is easy to formulate and is compatible with a wide variety of flavours. Additionally, it is only required at a low inclusion level (<7%), which helps manufacturers to hit price targets.

Visitors looking to develop new protein-enriched beverages and bars, improve the protein content or quality of their products or break new ground in terms of taste can discuss their projects with Carbery’s technical and applications experts in Hall 8, at stand Q65.