Wixon, a US-based manufacturer of seasonings, flavors, and technologies for the food, beverage, and meat industry, has relaunched its Consumer Products Division.

The company said that its Consumer Products Division features new positioning and clearly defined service capabilities, and includes Product Innovation, Formulation Development and Processing & Packaging.

The division’s Product Innovation is the stage where culinary and scientific innovation teams provides its customers with ideas in meat, flavour, culinary, and industrial ingredients, foodingredientsfirst.com reported.

The teams combine to create about 1,000 new products every year, including gourmet baking mixes, savoury mixes, beverage mixes, creative sides, flavourful meals, rubs, marinades, and seasoning blends.

Formulation Development includes sourcing ingredients from suppliers through the company’s global network, which allows it to lock in raw materials inventory and price.

According to the company, this phase results in managing price fluctuations and global supply shortage issues, as well as significant cost savings for customers.

In Processing & Packaging stage, Wixon offers various customisable packaging solutions such as jars for spices and seasonings, bag-in-a-box for bread and cookie mixes and flexible pouches for dip and beverage mixes.

Wixon provides a range of packing services, including shipper design recommendations, packaging of sub-units in trays, shrink wrapping or shelf display, and packing in master shippers.

The company believes that the new positioning and relaunch of the Consumer Products Division strengthens its aim to surpass expectations.

Wixon president Peter Gottsacker said that the company’s new positioning is ‘Imagine. Now, Imagine Better.

In March this year, the company unveiled its new, proprietary Wix-Fresh Reduced Sodium System (RSS) in the form of healthy snack bites and other meat products.

Wixon’s Protein Group is believed to have specifically designed RSS for meat and poultry.

Founded in 1907, Wixon is a fully integrated food and beverage ingredient company providing flavor technologies, custom-ground spices, blended seasonings, protein expertise, foodservice and menu solutions.