International provider of ingredients services to food, beverage and other industries Tate & Lyle has reopened its SPLENDA Sucralose production facility at McIntosh, Alabama.

The company said that the restart of McIntosh production facility, which happened before the scheduled time, was aided by the return of many of the previous employees at the facility.

The facility at McIntosh was the original manufacturing facility for Tate & Lyle’s international SPLENDA Sucralose business.

It was closed in 2009 when the company became successful in manufacturing yields at its Singapore facility.

Tate & Lyle believes that the reopening of its original SPLENDA Sucralose facility, accompanied by its second facility in Singapore, fortifies its position in the market.

Tate & Lyle specialty food ingredients president Olivier Rigaud said that the company’s continuing investment in sucralose manufacturing technology means that its two large scale SPLENDA Sucralose facilities in the US and Singapore operate at a level of efficiency, environmental stewardship and sustainability.

"We are proud that more than 75% of our former operators and technicians, many with more than ten years of experience working on sucralose production, have returned to McIntosh to continue delivering an excellent product," Rigaud added.

According to the company, the demand for SPLENDA Sucralose is driven by the underlying global consumer trend for healthier products, particularly to help address increasing levels of diabetes and obesity in both the developed and developing markets.

Tate & Lyle recently announced the roll out of its new Beverage OPTIMIZE formulation service to work directly with customers on reducing sugars by using its range of sweetener options, including SPLENDA Sucralose.

This month, the company also opened its new Application and Technical Service facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The company said that the new facility employs the modern technology available for sweeteners, health and wellness ingredients and texturants.