Quantum Foods, an Illinois-based company that provides protein products to various industries, has opened a new Innovation Centre on its Bolingbrook campus.

The new 743.2m² Innvoation Centre will enable the company to meet its customer customisation requirements.

Quantum Foods believes that the centre’s flexibility and scale allows it to develop, customise and process proteins in a various ways, while catering to exact customer specifications.

The centre on Bolingbrook campus is expected to impact the company’s total protein product offerings, in addition to impact Quatum Foods’ capability to accommodate them for mass production.

The company said that the centre features research and development professionals, including chefs, food scientists, engineers and packaging designers.

In addition, the Innovation Centre, which was designed to reproduce a customer’s kitchen, includes a gourmet kitchen, executive dining and conference room.

Quantum Foods chief executive officer and founder Edward Bleka said that by expanding the research and development, the company has the facilities, talent and experience to work closely and quickly with customers and prospects to formulate and test new protein products.

"We are dramatically decreasing the time to market for new foodservice products and getting them to consumers in weeks versus months or even years," Bleka said.

"Investing in the Innovation Centre permits Quantum Foods to further develop its unique capabilities in providing protein foodservice products and solutions to our customers," he added.

In 1996, the company relocated its office headquarters and main processing plant to Bolingbrook on back of customer demand.

The Quantum Foods’ Bolingbrook campus now includes headquarter office, a main processing products facility, a culinary centre, a distribution centre and the new Innovation Centre.

Headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, Quantum Foods is a further-processor of proteins, and provides custom-menu solutions for national and regional chains, including full-service and quick-service restaurants.