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LycoRed, an Israel-based supplier of ingredients to dietary supplement and functional food industries across the world, has introduced a new tomato lycopene formulation made particularly for use as natural colourant in surimi applications.

According to the company, the new product allows food manufacturers to use a natural and vegetarian colorant following a progression toward avoiding artificial colourants.

Surimi is a popular food product in Asian countries as well as in the US, and is available in various shapes, forms and textures.

The texture and color of Surimi are usually identical to the meat of lobster crab or other shellfish.

Carmine, extracted from cochineal insects, is the general red colorant used in the manufacture of surimi.

However, growing public concern and consumer aversion over potential allergies, have reduced the demand for Carmin while making it a less desirable colour source to manufacturers.

LycoRed said that its new colourant fills the gap in the market for a safe, natural solution for surimi’s unique red color.

The new tomato lycopene formulations will maintain stability during the surimi production process, and also protects the product through its entire shelf life, the company claims.

While carmine is usually blended with paprika to attain the right shade for the local surimi market, LycoRed’s Tomato lycopene formulations are easily blendable with other colors such as paprika to enable manufactures to retain the flexibility.

LycoRed color and flavor global commercial manager Roee Nir said surimi processors have been trying to replace the carmine with another colour source for a long time.

"Our tomato lycopene colorant allows food and beverage manufacturers to achieve the precise color shade they want without compromising flavor or stability, or experiencing migration and color changes other natural colorants tend to have," Nir added.

LycoRed is a global company engaged in the production of nutrients for use in the dietary supplement; functional food and beverage; and nutricosmetic.

Its product portfolio includes natural carotenoids, such as lycopene, lutein and beta-carotene; vitamins and minerals; amino acids; and other functional ingredients.

Image: The texture and color of Surimi are usually identical to the meat of lobster crab or other shellfish. Photo: Natto.