Ireland-based manufacturer and distributor of food ingredients and flavours, Kerry Ingredients & Flavours, has introduced a new Butter and Cream range for use in biscuits.

The new range is an addition to the company’s Beatreme line of cream, butter and cultured dairy powders, and provides a butter-boosting service particularly made for use in biscuits, reported.

The company claims that the Beatreme Butter and Cream powders, specially designed to deliver a rich creamy, butter-style mouth feel in biscuits, are made by naturally culturing fresh milk solids, and have comparatively less butter than traditional recipes require.

According to Kerry, the product range allows manufacturers to reduce butter content and achieve lower saturated fat levels, while holding an authentic buttery taste.

Also, Kerry’s Beatreme Butter and Cream range also carries a clean label declaration.

Butter is believed to play a key role in the taste, texture, structure and quality of the product, and a decrease in butter content may result in a negative impact on the product’s integrity when reformulating recipes.

Kerry Ingredients & Flavours Fine Bakery Market Director EMEA Mike Carr said butter biscuits are one of the most luxurious biscuit formats on the market, delivering a satisfyingly indulgent treat for consumers who demand a quality eating experience.

"The real challenge here is to address these reformulation issues whilst retaining the enticing butter taste in biscuits – which is where we believe Beatreme will prove invaluable", he said.

"Our biscuit experts have been working to develop flavour solutions that add significant taste improvements to butter biscuits for our customers", Mike added.

Kerry Ingredients & Flavours has recently opened its new emulsifier plant in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands.

The new plant almost doubles the company’s installed capacity for emulsifiers in the country, while widening its technology offering in Europe to include distilled product types.