Denali Ingredients, a Wisconsin-based supplier of ingredients, has introduced a new range of Greek frozen yogurt concepts for food industry.

With the introduction of new concepts, the company aims to cater to the needs of ice cream manufacturers seeking to enter the Greek frozen yogurt market, while fortifying its position within the ingredients industry.

The Denali Ingredients Greek Frozen Yogurt program provides the manufacturers with the full complement of formulas, stabilisers and flavour ingredients required to start the production of Greek frozen yogurts.

Initially, the ingredients company will offer three primary flavour concepts including Vanilla Honey Cinnamon Swirl, Blueberry Cheesecake and Raspberry Chocolate Chunk.

In addition, Denali will offer Ideal #680, a new stabiliser system formulated to work primarily well in Greek Frozen Yogurt products.

The company is providing prototype samples immediately by request to ice cream manufacturers interested in evaluating the new system.

Denali claims that its Greek Frozen Yogurts are made to offer a high-protein, low-fat, creamier profile of traditional refrigerated Greek yogurts.

According to the company, reproducing the smooth, dense texture of Greek yogurts at low fat levels within the frozen dairy environment has been regarded as a challenge for the industry until now.

Denali Ingredients Stabilizer Systems business development director Doug Allen said the new concepts provides the company’s dairy partners with a single-source solution that allows them to make Greek Frozen Yogurts that are consistent with the creamy, protein-rich product that consumers expect.

"Our Frozen Greek Yogurts deliver six to seven grams of protein, which is more than double that of a typical frozen yogurt. They also provide excellent freezing performance and superior heat shock protection, so they are easy to implement at the manufacturing level," Allen added.

Denali Ingredients is a supplier of chocolate coatings, fudge sauces, powders, fruit variegates, stabilisers, extruded products, flakes and other ingredients for the dairy, snack, bakery, confectionery, food service, and frozen dessert industries.