Biovelop, a Swedish company that focuses on the fractionation of cereal grains to produce value-added ingredients for use in food, beverages, nutritional supplements and other specialty industries, has introduced its new oat protein product, prOATein.

The new ingredient is an addition to the company’s portfolio of oat-based products, which includes PromOat beta glucan ingredient.

The company is offering the new product, prepared in Sweden using locally-sourced, non-GMO oats, in powder form.

PrOATein, which has high amounts of essential amino acids leucine and lysine, is dairy-free, vegan-friendly, nut-free and very low in gluten, the Swedish company claims.

Produced with the help of Biovelop’s patented, chemical-free technology, the new oat protein ingredient is believed to be appropriate for enhancing a wide range of food and nutritional supplement products.

According to the company, manufacturers are eying alternative forms of protein that can cater to a wider range of consumers.

The Swedish company said PrOATein can boost the protein content of various nutritious products, including bars, bread, baked goods, meal replacement shakes, meat products, pasta, sports nutrition products and supplements.

Biovelop director of sales and marketing David Peters said that the consumer demand for protein-enhanced products is higher than ever, yet traditional sources of protein are suffering from the dual threats of significantly increased prices and unreliable supply.

"prOATein is attractive to manufacturers and consumers alike: it is a sustainable, non-dairy, non-animal source of protein, it benefits from the very positive perception amongst consumers that oats already enjoy, and it overcomes consumer concerns about GMO ingredients that hinder certain other proteins," Peters added.

Biovelop is a life sciences company with production facilites in Kimstad, Sweden.

It is engaged in the development and scaling up of cornerstone technologies relating to the extraction of functional ingredients from cereal grains and brans.