Boost immunity to fight coronavirus

As the coronavirus spreads, we are hearing about how to reduce exposure and take care of ourselves if we get sick. These are important tips, but we're not hearing much about how we can boost our immunity so that if we do get exposed to the virus—or worse, we get sick—our body can effectively fight back. Our immune systems are designed to fight off sicknesses and viruses. With coronavirus continuing to spread, it's more important than ever to support the immune system. To support our immune system, we can consume immunity supporting supplements. Yeast Beta-D-Glucan is the first ingredient that we want to mention in the list of immune support ingredients.

Beta D Glucan

(1,3)-(1-6) beta D glucan is a natural supplement that helps boost overall health. The two types of beta D glucans, including (1,3)-(1-6) and (1,3)-(1-4) beta D glucans, differ only based on the length and structure of beta chain attached to D-glucose. Beta glucans is a component of the cellular walls of yeasts, fungi, bacteria, algae, oats, barley, and other foods. They’ve been studied for their ability to regulate glucose and insulin levels, boost the immune system and lower the risk of infections.

How does Yeast Beta-D-Glucan help boost immune system and lower the risk of infections? 

β-glucans from yeast are recognised by immune cells within the intestinal mucosa, amongst others by the dectin-1 receptor. Dectin-1 receptor activation induces several immune-stimulating effects important in the defense against invading pathogens. Furthermore, following uptake of β-glucans via dectin-1-stimulated phagocytosis, degradation processes within macrophages may make β-glucans systemically available.

Where to find high quality Yeast Beta-D-Glucan?

Kangcare Bioindustry Co., Ltd is a bio-science technology based company in the global market with a team of specialists, who focuses on developing and marketing innovative and proven bioactive ingredients, and delivering science-based health and beauty solutions to customers. Kangcare can also provide designation and optimization of formulations according to customers’requirements and do contract manufacturing of supplements.

YestcanTM Yeast Beta-D-Glucan is Kangcare’s featured product. YestcanTM Yeast Beta-D-Glucan is a kind of polysaccharide existing in the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which can fortify the immunity of human being. During the complex purification process, other cell components like protein, lipids, nucleic acids, minerals and mannans are removed. After being extracted from the yeast cell wall, the glucan can be utilized as food ingredient.

Unfavorable factors like physical and mental stress, UV radiation and an unbalanced diet may impair the immune functions for the body. Yeast Beta-D-Glucan can mitigate those negative effects. It can elevate the general level of resistance and reduce the risk of infections.

What’s special about Kangcare’s YestcanTM Yeast Beta-D-Glucan?

Kangcare YestcanTM Yeast Beta-D-Glucan stands out due to the high content of the active component, which activates white blood cells, such as macrophages, granulocytes and monocytes, responsible for defense against infections, and supports the repair of damaged tissues in the body. It make the macrophages recognize mutated cell and then destroy it.


●Beta-(1,3) glycosidic bond: Beta-(1,6) glycosidic bond=5.3:1

●The length and number of branched chain of Beta-1,6-glycosidic bond is suitable for binding of the immune cells

●Besides common specifications, customized grades are available.

The upcoming articles will introduce other immune support ingredients to provide readers with more knowledge about immune enhancement, which will enable humans to tackle diseases more confidently.