A new collection of nutrition education resources is now available to schools, clinics and public health organizations from specialty graphics company Visualz in partnership with the Chef Marshall O’Brien Group.

“Through our partnership with Chef Marshall, we are excited to bring better health and living to our customers those they serve,” said Cindy Scheurer, General Manager of Visualz. “Access to education on how to promote healthy eating, how to buy better foods and how to nourish your family are all goals we can collectively aim for. We see this as an opportunity to both increase and complement the resources we offer educators and public health organizations that work hard to bring better nutrition to children, families and their communities across the nation.”

Following O’Brien’s Smart Nutrition philosophy, the collection covers topics including menu-planning, grocery shopping, specialty diets, ingredient substitutions and more.

“Our programs focus on four aspects of Smart Nutrition — nutrition, sleep, hydration and physical activity,” O’Brien said. “We give you the tools and teach you how to use them to develop new behaviors that become a permanent part of your life. Our specialized programs allow you to choose the benefits that are important to you, whether for self-improvement or to support a medical need.”

Resources created under the partnership include educational videos as well as articles and recipes emphasizing better living and health through nutrition and physical activity. The materials give step-by-step guidance on healthier eating to teach the importance of nutrition education to ultimately provide better quality of life.

“Our mission is to educate and empower people to live their best lives by improving their quality of life through smart nutrition,” O’Brien said. “Our role is to apply current nutrition best practices and translate them into the right foods to produce the desired results. Since people will only eat the right foods if they taste good, we use the recommended foods to create recipes that taste great. We call this ‘Putting Delicious in Nutritious.'”

The educational resources are available for purchase at www.getvisualz.com.

Visualz is part of The Vomela Companies, a visual communications leader based in St. Paul, Minn.