Violife, the no. 1 selling brand of dairy-free cheese in the U.S., has launched a dairy-free sour cream alternative in 883 Walmart locations.

Violife Just Like Sour Cream (MSRP: $4.99) offers a creamy, rich, and tangy taste without the dairy. The newest innovation is the perfect swap in all recipes that require sour cream – from creamy stuffed potatoes to delicious pound cakes – and can also be used to top your favorite dish, such as nachos, tacos, and chili.

“It is important for Violife to continue expanding our portfolio to offer delicious dairy-free alternatives for everyone to enjoy,” said Debra Yoo, Senior Brand Manager at Violife. “We created Just Like Sour Cream to have a creamy, cooling, and tangy flavor so fans won’t miss out on what they know and love!”

Just Like Sour Cream pairs well with Violife’s dairy-free cheese varieties, making it easier than ever for consumers to incorporate more dairy-free alternatives into their diet. All Violife products are non-GMO and free from dairy, lactose, soy, palm oil, artificial flavors, preservative, nuts, and gluten.

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