Vegetables-based pasta brand Veggiecraft has unveiled a new enhanced formula and updated packaging of its pasta product line.

The nationwide rollout of the updated products is intended to expand Veggiecraft’s consumer base.

The improvements include a completely revamped recipe and contemporary packaging across its entire product line, which includes Veggiecraft Cauliflower Rotini, Veggiecraft Zucchini Penne, and Veggiecraft Sweet Potato Spaghetti.

According to Veggiecraft, the upgraded formula now offers a classic, neutral taste and a robust al dente texture that maintains its integrity during cooking.

The brand has adopted a new manufacturing process to debut revitalised products, featuring enhanced recipes and modernised packaging.

To prepare for the relaunch, the company used consumer feedback, ensuring that key attributes such as vegetables in every bite, gluten-free options, and being a rich source of protein and fibre were retained.

Simultaneously, the firm improved the taste and texture to closely mirror that of traditional pasta.

Veggiecraft brand manager Caroline Creasey said: “People have this perception that veggie-based pasta isn’t as tasty as traditional pasta, but choosing a gluten-free pasta option shouldn’t mean missing out on flavour and texture.

“With our new Veggiecraft pasta line-up, everyone can enjoy their veggies while still savouring every bite.”

The product line features eight newly improved vegetable-based pasta options, offering a diverse selection of trendy pasta shapes and three original flavours.

These veggie-based pasta provide an ideal solution for parents or anyone looking to incorporate more vegetables into their meals, the pasta brand said.

Veggiecraft lineup is now accessible across the pasta aisle in retailers such as Kroger, Food Lion, Publix, and Winco, as well as on Amazon.

The pasta brand is under the ownership of Litehouse, a consumer-packaged foods company.

Litehouse has a diverse portfolio of brands, including Litehouse, Veggiecraft, Organicville, and Sky Valley.

Additionally, they offer a range of licenced products in collaboration with California Pizza Kitchen, Flavortown Sauces, and Health Nut Dressings.