French biotech company TargEDys and Germany-based SymbioPharm have entered into an exclusive marketing and distribution deal to introduce the SymbioLife Satylia probiotic in Germany.

To be available from January next year, SymbioLife Satylia is a new dietary supplement based on TargEDys’ next-generation probiotic Hafnia alvei HA4597, which is a bacterium isolated from raw milk cheese.

According to TargEDys, the weight management supplement is a molecularly defined precision probiotic that promotes satiety by utilising the protein Caseinolytic protease B (ClpB) generated by Hafnia alvei HA4597.

ClpB is said to naturally copy the appetite-reducing human satiety hormone alpha-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH).

TargEDys CEO Grégory Lambert said: “We are extremely proud and excited about this new collaboration. SymbioPharm is in the top 3 of the German probiotics market and fathered one of the first probiotic pharmaceuticals globally.

“With the team’s knowledge of probiotic Enterobacteria, their strong position with doctors, pharmacies, and synergies with probiotics and diagnostics, they are the perfect partner for this highly scientific product.”

The efficacy of Hafnia alvei HA4597 is supported by a 12-week supplementation trial that featured 230 overweight adults. In the trial, significantly more participants lost at least 3% of baseline body weight at 12 weeks in the treated arm, when compared to the placebo group.

SymbioPharm co-CEO and CTO Juergen Eck said: “We are very excited to partner with TargEDys and work together on a new era of evidence-based probiotics.

“With the patent-protected probiotic Hafnia alvei HA4597, its biological mechanism of action and outstanding studies, we can offer an effective solution for the growing problems of obesity and metabolic health.

“As pioneers in microbiome research and medical probiotics, we are proud to now also help shape the introduction of knowledge-based precision probiotics.”