Helps balance naturally occurring yeasts with a proprietary formula

Standard Process, a leading whole food-based nutritional supplement company based in Wisconsin, has expanded its offerings with Biofilm ProBalance. It features a probiotic + enzyme + whole food formula to help balance the structure and development of microbial communities, their extracellular components, and naturally occurring yeasts like Candida in the GI*.

“A healthy human gut microbiome is home to a variety of bacteria and fungi that are constantly interacting with one another and impacting our wellness,” said Weston Bussler, Ph.D. and Nutrition Scientist at Standard Process. “Those effects of microbial populations, whether positive or negative, can be compounded by biofilms. When microbial populations like Candida are out of balance, they can group with other microbes and make biofilms that add an additional barrier to GI interventions — that’s where Biofilm ProBalance comes in.”

Biofilm ProBalance contains BIOHM FX® — a proprietary probiotic and enzyme blend to promote healthy gut microbiome structure*. BIOHM FX® has been shown in two clinical studies to support mycobiome balance and digestive health, with specific regards to discouraging Candida yeasts*.1 In previous studies, several probiotic components of the blend have been shown to survive the acidic conditions of the stomach, especially if ingested within 30 minutes of a meal.2 The proprietary probiotic and enzyme blend has shown an ability to disrupt mixed species biofilms*. 

In addition, Biofilm ProBalance contains organic garlic & kale: whole foods with data that demonstrates biofilm balance support*.

“Internal Standard Process research measured kale powder and garlic for their ability to inhibit biofilm formation,” Bussler said. “From this data, the garlic was able to reduce the biofilm formation from Candida albicans, and the kale was able to inhibit the biofilm formation from E. coli. When used in a 50:50 combination, the mixture was able to inhibit the formation of biofilms from either species. What’s more, the kale utilized for Biofilm ProBalance is sourced from the Standard Process certified organic farm.”

Biofilm ProBalance — along with all other Standard Process products — is available for purchase at

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.