India-based health startup Soul Strips has started the use of nanotechnology and advanced formulations to design its natural, holistic, and hyper-convenient nutritional strips.

Soul Strips has made significant R&D investments to create the necessary technologies.

The health company uses it to create dissolvable oral strips out of its distinctive formulations of necessary nutrition. The nutrition is said to be prepared using substances that have been clinically shown to produce the best effects.

According to Soul Strips, this method increases convenience and effectiveness.

The new approach of adapting the pill format to a convenient oral strip consists of transferring key nutritional content from a capsule or tablet onto an edible film.

Soul Strips co-founder Avinash Madhavan said: “Our idea was always to spark a revolution in the way people consume nutrition.”

“We wanted to tap into the obvious benefits of nutraceutical supplements and take things to the next level! With that in mind, we’ve used nanotechnology combined with cutting-edge formulations to develop a revolutionary product.

“Our oral strips are both convenient and effective. Now that it’s going out to the public, we’re expecting a great response.”

The health company claimed that the products are unique and each oral strip formulation is created by combining information sourced from the R&D expertise of doctors, nutrition experts, and ingredient makers from all over the world.

Soul Strips sources 100% natural, plant-based active ingredients and infuse them in oral strips using patented nanotechnology with high precision, absorption, and efficacy. Every dose is said to deliver nutrients directly to the bloodstream using the lining of the mouth.

The firm’s wide range of nutraceutical supplements is designed to fight different human body issues like fatigue, better sleep, stronger immunity, and children’s vitamins. It also supports health and wellness goals.

The nutrients are packed in individually packaged strips so that they can be stored in a tiny can that makes them easy to consume anytime.