Ever since the announcement in November last year of PB Leiner’s joint venture with Hainan Xiangtai Group to bring fish collagen peptides to the world market, customers have been looking forward to this significant addition to PB Leiner’s SOLUGEL collagen peptides portfolio. Several factors account for the interest:

Worldwide surging demand

Collagen peptides are an active health-promoting ingredient that supports, amongst other things, skin beauty, healthy aging, and bone and joint health. Worldwide consumer interest is high, and the demand for premium quality marine collagen peptides, in particular, exceeds the available offer. The compound annual growth rate for this segment has been projected to be at 8% from 2022 to 2027.

Best-in-class product range

Preliminary blind tests by partners around the world have invariably ranked SOLUGEL premium fish collagen peptides first among its main competitors. Customers are praising the portfolio for its previously unseen quality.

The initial product range proposed comprises three products, which fit a wide range of consumer applications. SOLUGEL® Optima FD and Optima FP are by excellence destined for demanding applications where neutral smell and taste are paramount, as they boast near water organoleptic properties, combined with outstanding solubility and wettability. SOLUGEL® Supra FP, on the other hand, has a very low molecular weight, which makes it a model match for supplements such as beauty shots, beverages, powder mixes, and cosmetic applications.

Fresh, premium raw material 

All products are made from single-sourced fish. PB Leiner’s joint venture partner, Hainan Xiangtai Group, is an internationally renowned fish processing group, integrating activities from local hatcheries and fish farming to fish processing with global distribution. It provides the bulk of the raw material, which could not arrive fresher at the production facility. All incoming raw material is subjected to strict screenings and traceability, both in-house and via independent quality labs.

Collagen peptide manufacturing mastery 

The Hainan production facility is state of the art, with continuous improvements being made according to PB Leiner’s longstanding collagen peptides manufacturing excellence. The latest technologies developed by PB Leiner are implemented in order to guarantee the reliability and stability of the production. This is combined with the strictest quality controls and supply chain best practices to safeguard PB Leiner’s standards


After an initial ramp-up phase, taking time for all necessary finetuning, the first production batches of SOLUGEL premium fish collagen peptides are now making their way to customers in Asia and the US.

Mr. Wim Poot, Executive Vice President at PB Leiner: “These are just the first steps of our worldwide launch. It is a momentous occasion for us, in a way even more so than the closing of the agreement, or even the beautiful inauguration ceremony: our customers will finally be able to avail themselves of this long-awaited product. These last few years, the markets have been complex, with burgeoning demand on the one hand, and a challenging supply chain situation on the other. We really want to be there for our customers, which is why we are happy to see that this new offering will enable us to maintain an attractive pipeline of high-quality marine collagen peptide products. Stay tuned!