Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) has received the FDA Investigational New Drug Application (IND) approval for allergy medication, delivered through gummies.

The nutraceutical firm has started its gummy drug programme three years ago, encouraged by the extensive popularity of gummy vitamins.

SGC said that its innovative gummy drug programme is aimed at delivering Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) through the advanced gummy matrix.

SGC founder and CEO Connie Wan said: “I was so frustrated forcing these yucky and sticky syrup medicines into my son when he was sick. I kept telling myself that there has to be a better way of giving kids medications. Then, when I saw a bottle of gummy vitamins in Costco, a light bulb went off.

“Now, we have a large pipeline of gummy drugs in development, from allergy and pain relief medications to fever reducers and cough suppressants.

“We are focusing on the paediatric and geriatric market. Did you know one-third of the senior population can’t swallow tablets, and that medication non-adherence is the biggest problem in medicine? We are here to solve these problems.”

SGC integrates various drug compounds into novel gummy matrix

SGC claimed that it has transformed a household staple into drug delivery platform to increase medication compliance for patients through its convenient gummy medications.

Scientists at SGC have developed a set of technologies that incorporate various drug compounds into a novel gummy matrix, addressing solving drug solubility, stability and taste issues.

The company formulates medicines into both regular and sugar-free gummy versions, covering various dosage strengths to address the requirements of consumers.

SGC said that it is initially focusing on the common OTC drugs and several of its gummy drugs currently being reviewed by the FDA.

Recently, the firm expanded operations into prescription drugs with a primary focus on antibiotics and cardiology medications.