Today, Sara Lee Bread is continuing that unwavering commitment by debuting a new, dynamic marketing campaign fueled by their renewed brand purpose to feed the soul of the American family with daily acts of love. Additionally, Sara Lee Bread will embark upon a multi-year partnership with U.S. Hunger®, pledging $1 million in funding and product to the hunger relief organization by 2025, further strengthening its support of the American family.

As the brand embarked upon redefining its purpose, understanding consumer needs was top priority as the team conducted extensive research to deeply empathize with its loyal base, and what the team found didn’t surprise them. The last few years have put a tremendous amount of pressure on families, with a disproportionate amount of stress falling on women of the household. Sara Lee Bread decided to embrace this post-pandemic reality and shape its refreshed purpose around supporting moms and families in order to make their days just a little easier.  By providing consistently delicious products that moms love and trust to satisfy their families, Sara Lee aims to ease the mealtime burden to facilitate more meaningful moments of love at home. Those humble acts of breakfasts made during hectic mornings, lunch boxes thoughtfully packed with love notes, and after-school snacks waiting upon arrival are some of the million little ways moms share acts of love with their families every day, and the brand is proud to be a part of them.

Sara Lee Bread will bring its efforts to life through a new campaign – inclusive of digital advertising, social media and community engagement – to embark upon the brand’s vision of a world where every American family is full of food and love. Efforts will also focus on Sara Lee Bread’s social commitment to supporting families in need through its partnership with U.S. Hunger, an organization that specializes in addressing the root causes of hunger by uncovering deep, human insights.  The alliance includes supporting the organization’s ‘Full Cart’ program, which partners with donors, corporations, and communities to bring food and resources directly to the doorstep of those in need, in addition to meal packing events led by Sara Lee Bread and U.S. Hunger employees throughout the year.

Along with food distribution, U.S. Hunger will utilize the funding to address the underlying poverty-driven socioeconomic factors that force people to seek food in the first place – economic stability and access to healthcare, education, and community resources – solidifying Sara Lee Bread as an ally to the American family.

“Sara Lee Bread has always stood for high quality and delicious products that satisfy the whole family,” said Jinder Bhogal, Senior Brand Manager at Sara Lee Bread. “While our mission to deliver great products will never waver, we’re excited to expand upon our founder’s 74-year-old vision and magnify our efforts to spread the love that’s been baked into our brand since day one. As we support families across the country, our goal is to enable them to focus on what really matters – creating more meaningful moments of love at home.”

Sara Lee Bread is available in the bread aisle of grocery stores and major food retailers nationwide. For more information, visit: