Biotech company RevolKa has entered into a master service agreement with Japanese healthcare company Daiichi Sankyo on highly functional proteins.

The financial terms and agreement details were not revealed.

Under the agreement, RevolKa will use its proprietary protein engineering platform technology, aiProtein, to create and deliver highly functional proteins in partnership with Daiichi Sankyo.

As per the parties, aiProtein is a robust directed protein evolution technology integrated with artificial intelligence (AI).

RevolKa’s AI engine is trained on sequence-function relation data, enabling it to statistically predict sequences for an evolved protein function.

Additionally, aiProtein can evolve two or more functions concurrently, making it a potent and cost-efficient tool for creating new and highly optimised proteins for pharmaceutical and industrial uses.

RevolKa, established in April 2021, is backed by venture capital.

The company aims to develop innovative proteins beneficial for both therapeutic and industrial purposes, utilising the aiProtein technology to enhance human well-being.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, RevolKa operates laboratories in Sendai as well.

Notable investors in the company include D3, DEEPCORE, Tohoku University Venture Partners, and SBI investment.

Recently, the biotech company partnered with La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI) to develop antigens for the next-generation vaccines.

The partnership combines LJI’s immunology expertise and RevolKa’s power of AI-driven protein engineering to deliver innovative solutions for unmet medical needs.

In February, RevolKa closed a JPY150m ($1m) Series A extension financing round.

RevolKa said that the funds will be used to develop a pipeline of next generation therapeutic and high-performance molecules using its aiProtein platform.