Attention ‘Minecrafters’ and snackers: two iconic names from each world are collaborating for the first time to release a suspicious-ly scrumptious mashup, introducing Pringles® Minecraft Suspicious Stew. No need to scavenge for ingredients for a taste: the flavor masters at Pringles are bringing the iconic stew to real life, infusing the delicious taste of suspicious stew into one crisp for a flavor experience sure to satisfy Pringles fans and Minecraft players alike.

This first-ever Pringles x Minecraft flavor collaboration brings the in-game suspicious stew ingredients to crisp-form, resulting in a burst of rich, hearty and savory flavor. With each flavor-packed crunch, fans will be met with a novel tasting experience that leaves them saying, “So that’s what suspicious stew tastes like!”.

“Minecraft is beloved by a community of millions, many of which are Pringles fans, so we delivered a tasting experience fans could previously only imagine — the famous suspicious stew,” said Mauricio Jenkins, US marketing lead for Pringles. “We challenged ourselves to bring the flavor of suspicious stew and its ingredients to crisp-form, creating a flavor experience so delicious that both Minecraft players and non-players will reach for more.”

For those not fluent in the world of Minecraft, suspicious stew is a virtual in-game food item that provides players with a status effect (think: Jump Boost, Night Vision, and more!) depending on the flower used to craft it. While eating Pringles Minecraft Suspicious Stew unfortunately won’t give you night vision in real life, it will certainly give your tastebuds the status effect of “flavor overload”!

Plus, from now until July 31, when fans purchase any Pringles can or participating Kellogg’s products and upload their receipts to, they’ll receive 350 Minecoins to use in-game*. Fans can also enter the “Build for Better” contest; a Minecraft building contest where participants create their play space idea for a chance to inspire the building of a real-life playground, bringing their Minecraft vision to reality. For more information, visit (no purchase necessary)**.

Pringles Minecraft Suspicious Stew will be available nationwide while supplies last starting in April. For more information, follow @Pringles and @Minecraft on your favorite social media platforms to keep up with the latest fun and food news.