For almost 60 years, Pop-Tarts® has been known for Crazy Good toaster pastries, establishing the brand as a fan-favorite breakfast staple. Now, with a new creative direction, the brand is extending into the world of snacking with the launch of “Agents of Crazy Good” characters.

The new characters are representations of the beloved toaster pastries brought to life, including Frosted Strawberry, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Hot Fudge Sundae, and a squad of Bites. The ingenious crew come fully frosted and ready to challenge expectations for where the brand can show up next – all while rallying for a chance to be your next snack.

Through a 360-campaign including digital and social content, strategic partnerships, and experiential activations, the characters will intercept moments where snacking occasions meet passionate audiences – from TV show enthusiasts at Adult Swim Fest to football fans at the Pop-Tarts Bowl – putting the tasty toaster pastries at the forefront of these experiences for maximum snacking enjoyment.

The campaign taps into the nostalgia fans feel for Pop-Tarts by reintroducing characters from the ‘Crazy Good’ ads that ran in the 2000s but reimagines them to fit today’s modern media landscape. In the original spots, the characters ran away from those who craved them, whereas the new spots in 2023 will flip that narrative, with the characters putting themselves in situations to entice humans to crave them for their next snack. This move comes as Pop-Tarts has seen a 17% increase since 2019 in annual eating per capita among adults during the snacking occasion.1

“We recognize there is a growing excitement for our flavor offerings across breakfast and snacking occasions,” said Heidi Ray, Senior Director of Marketing, Pop-Tarts. “This new creative direction reinforces Pop-Tarts as an anytime food while simultaneously delighting fans with characters that remind them of their childhood love of Pop-Tarts.”

The brand will debut the characters across digital and social channels and at Adult Swim Fest in San Diego starting on July 20, teeing up a larger partnership with the network in the coming months. Ad spots, created by FKA agency, will feature the characters and grace TV screens starting in September.

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