Lebermuth essential oils, and specifically its specialist mint ingredients, will now be available to Omega Ingredient’s clients in the UK and Europe.

Since 1908, Lebermuth has produced, extracted, refined and customised essential oils. In the subsequent years they expanded from growing and distilling mint oil to selling nearly every essential oil in the world. Today the company has four generations of experience and over a century of time committed to this industry. Lebermuth is committed to helping companies around the world build their brands.

Used by Omega Ingredients in the production and manufacturing of food, beverages, fragrances and cosmetics, Lebermuth’s standard mint essential oils, available in the UK and Europe, will focus on mint oil varieties: Peppermint 1879, Peppermint Willamette, Peppermint Idaho redistilled, Peppermint Yakima redistilled, Redistilled "Rose Mitcham" Peppermint; and, Spearmint varieties including: Spearmint Far West Native and Spearmint Scotch. Lebermuth’s custom mint oils are available from highly rectified to terpeneless and everything in between.

Founded in 2001 by biochemists Steve Pearce and Elizabeth Pearce, Omega Ingredients offers decades of experience within the international food and drink ingredients sector to assist companies in building unique and innovative flavours. Omega Ingredients specialises in the cutting edge fusion of biochemistry with natural materials to innovate and create the very best specialised natural flavours, ingredients and aromas.

Steve Pearce, CEO and founder of Omega Ingredients, said: "We are delighted to grow and expand our product range to incorporate Lebermuth’s high quality mint oils. We source only the very best quality in our raw materials and Lebermuth’s mint essential oils personify one of their key core values, ‘Quality’, which makes this partnership a perfect fit".

Melanie Brown, co-owner of Lebermuth added: "The Lebermuth Company is excited about our partnership with Omega Ingredients, and making our peppermint essential oils available to Omega Ingredients’ customers. For over 100 years, Lebermuth has produced and extracted the highest quality essential oils; we thoroughly test all of our incoming and outgoing raw materials to ensure our clients’ receive consistency and quality. We are excited to work with Omega Ingredients as they grow and develop their brand and product lines."