Nutritional Research, a US-based supplier of vitamins and supplements, said that it has launched the ABSORBABLE range of supplements globally on the Amazon website.

The launched range includes three proprietary blends of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 1000 IU, and Vitamin D3 2000 IU to cater to its global customer base, said the company.

ABSORBABLE C features a proprietary blend containing significant amounts of natural fruit extracts such as acerola cherry, camu-camu powder, amla powder, and rosehip powder, to deliver various health advantages.

Scientific studies indicate that the body more effectively absorbs Vitamin C from fruit extracts, said Nutritional Research.

ABSORBABLE D3, on the other hand, has a proprietary blend designed to encapsulate Vitamin D3 within a liposome, closely mimicking the body’s cellular structure. This unique composition enables ABSORBABLE D3 to effortlessly penetrate the body’s cells, enhancing its absorbability, claimed the company.

Nutritional Research co-founder Monika Scott said: “Nutritional Research Company has always been dedicated to supporting individuals in their pursuit of healthier and happier lives.

“We want to extend our reach and positively impact the lives of people globally, helping them achieve and maintain optimal health. Nutritional Research Co. has sourced the best ingredients to include in its ABSORBABLE range of supplements to ensure maximum absorbability for the body to receive the full benefit of the nutrients.

‚ÄúThese products have undergone rigorous testing and certification to guarantee safety and efficacy.”

Nutritional Research stated that following the COVID-19 pandemic, Vitamins C and D3 have gained significance as essential daily supplements for individuals looking to bolster their immunity.

The company said that for orally consumed supplements, the extent to which the body can effectively absorb and utilise their nutrients holds significant importance.

Absorbability signifies the body’s capacity to absorb and integrate the active components within a supplement following oral ingestion.

As a supplement is ingested, its nutrients navigate the intricate digestive system, surmount obstacles, and ultimately enter the bloodstream to access specific cells and tissues. Given the intricate processes within the human body, the effectiveness of a supplement depends on its ability in accomplishing this journey, the company said.