World Pasta Day, and Nuovo Pasta, the world’s leading artisan pasta manufacturer, is proud to announce the Plant-Based Vegan collection, another decadent creation to satisfy your pasta cravings now 100% vegan. Nuovo has created award-winning pasta made fresh in the USA following a time-honored tradition of innovation. Each handmade style tortellini, filled with the perfect combination of chef crafted ingredients and non-dairy artisan (plant based) cheeses are sure to delight. This amazing and unique vegan pasta is made from Italy’s ancient grain Kamut. Which is one of the world’s oldest grains translating to Wheat in Egyption. Kamut wheat is a non-hybridized ancient wheat. It contains wonderful whole grain nutrition, a firm texture, and rich, nutty, taste.

The Plant-Based Vegan Collection has the perfect combination of chef crafted ingredients including:

  • Spinach & Vegan Ricotta
  • Tomato, Basil & Vegan Ricotta
  • Roasted Sweet Potato & Cauliflower, a 2022 New product Sofi Award winner
  • Wild Mushroom Ragu & Polenta

“We’ve taken our years of experience in the foodservice world and really created a restaurant experience at home for people,” “I believe that’s really driven the success of the company,” says CEO and Founder Carl Zuanelli.

These Nuovo pasta creations of deliciousness are merchandised for the consumer in a modified atmosphere package to preserve freshness and provide a safe product. As always they are part of Nuovo’s sustainability campaign, this earth friendly packaging is made from up to 80% post consumer plastics. In recent years, consumers have been turning away from “low/no” foods in favor of foods that are high in positive attributes, like protein and fiber. Pasta users have a positive view of fiber and the long-lasting energy that whole grain carbohydrates provide. Consumers continue to seek out and favor “clean label” items with easy-to-understand labels and fewer overall ingredients. Says Tom Quinn, COO of Nuovo Pasta.

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