NotCo, the fast-growing food tech company with a first-of-its-kind patented AI technology named Giuseppe, today announced the launch of its ultra-creamy, professional-grade NotMilk™ Barista. Consumers no longer have to search for a silky, smooth plant-based milk option that tastes and functions just like traditional milk, as NotMilk™ Barista is now available nationwide.

For those looking to level up their morning cup of joe, NotMilk™ Barista offers coffee aficionados a frothable and foamy coffee-optimized plant-based milk that does what others can’t. Like all NotCo products, the innovative recipe for NotMilk™ Barista was created by Giuseppe, alongside NotCo’s team of AI Chefs and R&D experts, who consistently produce plant-based options with incredible accuracy – allowing them to look, taste and function just like animal-based products. Details on NotMilk™ Baristainclude:

  • NotMilk Barista – Recreate the coffeehouse experience at home with the NEW NotMilk™ Barista. Foamable, ultra-smooth and delicious, NotMilk™ Barista produces hot and cold foam better than any other plant-based option on the market. Made of a unique chickpea and oat blend, it’s a low-sugar option that provides a super creamy frothing experience perfect for latte art. It has a firm hold in latte art with zero feathering. It’s the key to unlocking the ultimate rich and creamy cup of coffee or tea. With only 70 calories per serving, it’s lower in calories than dairy milk and other plant-based milk alternatives. An excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and B12, NotMilk™ Barista uses 91% water and 79% less CO2 than traditional dairy milk. It’s also free of the top 9 allergens.

“While our original NotMilk was designed for everyday use, we created NotMilk Barista in response to consumer demand for a plant-based alternative that foams perfectly with coffee without compromising on taste, look, feel and functionality,” said Matias Muchnick, CEO and founder of NotCo. “With NotMilk Barista, coffee lovers can enjoy the full, frothy, plant-based latte experience at home—one that not only tastes better but is better for the planet too.”

In addition to U.S. retailer expansion, NotMilk™ Barista will replacing almond milk on the menu at New York-based coffee shop Joe Coffee locations across the city this fall. NotMilk™ Barista will provide customers with a creamier and frothier plant-based alternative to elevate their favorite coffeehouse pick-me-up.

NotMilk™ Barista is available on Amazon and is sold in 32 fluid-ounce six-packs with an SRP of $27.99. Additionally consumers, retailers, and cafes can find Barista at Dot Foods, Foodservice Express, Odeko,, and coming soon to a grocery store near you. For NotCo sales inquiries, please contact