Galahad Life Sciences’ division NION Health has introduced its new electrolyte supplement, NION Electrolyte Drink Mix, to increase hydration, replenish lost minerals, boost stamina, detoxify, and increase the regenerative effects of intermittent fasting.

Available in 30-day packs for $68, the electrolyte drink mix is claimed to deliver meaningful doses of negative ions for hydration and cell support.

NION Health, a health and wellness company, has formulated the drink to work at the cellular level for rebalancing and recharging cell mitochondria to increase energy levels. It is said to hold -330 millivolts of eclectic potential to help achieve maximum health and performance.

Galahad Life Sciences CEO Steve Loyd said: “Our bodies need a balance of both positive and negative ions to support cell function, and that’s where NION comes in.

“The earth connects us to negatively charged voltages that are critical to health, but living in the modern world can make it difficult to directly connect with that energy.

“NION acts like Nature’s Charging Station and gives us the negative voltage we need, supporting healthy mitochondria, the ‘battery packs’ of cellular life to make us feel more energized, perform better, and think more clearly.”

The flavourless electrolyte drink mix can be mixed in water, coffee, or smoothies. Its granules suspend in the liquid and release the electric potential for around one and a half hours in the body, NION Health said.

In double-blind clinical trials, the use of the supplement drink improved the participants’ hydration, stamina, recovery and mitochondrial function.

NION is claimed as a patent-pending NCS-330 millivolt (mV) granule. It is built on a crystalline matrix to provide a higher voltage of negative electric potential than any other electrolyte on the market.

The formula is recognised by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a new dietary ingredient (NDI). It has been classified as a food under the Dietary Health Education Act (DSHEA).

The electrolyte dietary supplement is produced at the Galahad Life Sciences’ facility in Washington, US using a four-stage process. The final crystalline granules are then sampled and tested by a third-party laboratory to meet the firm’s standards.

Previously, NION Health partnered with the University of Washington, and various institutes, laboratories, and clinics to develop and test the product.